Airtags Ice CnetSource: CNET

What you need to know

  • CNET has published a new AirTag durability test.
  • They froze AirTag, put it through a wash cycle, and more.

A new durability test of Apple's AirTag tracking device has revealed what happens when you put the tiny tracker through the wash, drop it, and freeze it.

From CNET:

Apple's AirTags are designed to keep track of lost stuff like your keys, so they'll probably be subjected to some rough treatment in everyday use. To find out how well the AirTags hold up to the elements, I put these $29 trackers through the wringer (so to speak) in a laundry, freeze and drop test.

The AirTag doesn't claim to be waterproof, but it is water and dust resistant according to Apple. It also has a user-replaceable battery which made me even more curious to test the water resistance. Turns out, these trackers are incredibly durable.

CNET put an AirTag through a washing cycle, and apparently, it survived a 54-minute wash and spin cycle and was even available to be located whilst the machine was operating. After the wash, it worked just as before.

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CNET also put their AirTag in ice for a few hours, which brought on a touch of water ingress inside the battery compartment. Finally, it did a drop test:

Attaching a new AirTag to my keys housed in a Spigen leather fob, I dropped the keys 10 times from several heights onto rough pavers. After the drops, the Apple logo on the stainless steel side showed some scratches. But apart from the cosmetic damage, the tracker worked as expected. So if you're really concerned about keeping the AirTag in pristine condition, you might consider an even more protective case.

Such protective cases are some of the best accessories for AirTags. Whilst Apple list AirTag as water, dust, and splash resistant, CNET's testing show it might well be able to endure more of a beating. Read the full report here.