The Sonos Beam is a great sound bar for most people. Not only will it drastically improve the sound quality of your TV, it also supports Alexa for TV control and music playback, and can be easily connected to other Sonos products to create a wireless surround sound system. This Black Friday, you can get the Sonos Beam for $299, $100 off its normal price.

Blast the sound

Sonos Beam

Normally it sells for $399 and does not drop from that price often. Right now, only the black model is available at $299, and the white one is $20 more.

$299.00 $399.00 $100 off

Your TV's built-in speakers are terrible. I don't care what TV you have, or how expensive it was. The speakers are the worst. A sound bar is a great way to improve the sound coming out of your TV, and the Sonos Beam is a legitimately great sound bar to get.

Everything I play on my TV comes through more clearly though the Beam than it does on the TV speakers, particular dialog. And because it's a Sonos product, it connects wirelessly to other Sonos speakers, like the Sonos One or Sub, letting you create a wireless surround sound system and forgoing the need wire an entire system up.

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But even without connecting to other products, the Beam's sound is nice and clear. Spoken word, music, sound effects, they all come through crystal clear.

The Sonos Beam also comes built in with Amazon's Alexa digital assistant. With Alexa, you can not only control features like music playback, but also smart home appliances that support Alexa connectivity. But, unique to the Sonos Beam, you can also control your TV only with your voice. Turn it on or off, or change the volume with some simple commands.

If you don't want to use Alexa and you're an Apple device owner, Sonos Beam supports AirPlay 2, letting you link it wirelessly with other AirPlay 2 speakers, even those that aren't made by Sonos.

If you want an excellent sound bar for a good price, order a Sonos Beam this Black Friday.

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