You really have to love Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park:


blockquote>"We're always in favor of people downloading. It's how a lot of people see the show. And it's never hurt us. We've done nothing but be successful with the show. How could you ever get mad about somebody who wants to see your stuff?"

Well Apple drops the ball yet again with the official South Park app in the App store... and yet again a 3rd party picks up the slack. South Park Mobile is available via Cydia and if you are not jailbroken, check out on your iPhone. What this app allows you to do is stream full episodes of South Park for your viewing pleasure right on your iPhone. Every single episode, from every single season is available for you to stream. Keep in mind this is not something official from Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker but it's the best we currently have available to us.

*You must be on firmware 2.2+ in order for this Jailbreak App to work.

[Thanks to Jaun for the tip!]