Spigen Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro Case review: Protection with retro flair

Spigen Classic Shuffle Front
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Bottom line: The Classic Shuffle case carries a retro design that is a nice tribute to the classic iPod Shuffle, complete with non-functioning buttons on the front. The case itself is made of soft silicone and quite protective, though it is slightly bulky and can be a dust magnet.


  • +

    Cool retro design

  • +

    Easy to get on and off when needed

  • +

    Durable and protective silicone

  • +

    Comes with metal carabiner for portability

  • +

    Has precise cutouts for charging light, port, and hinge

  • +

    Reset button is accessible


  • -

    Silicone is a dust magnet

  • -


  • -

    Case sometimes opens on its own

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Remember the days of the old iPod Shuffle? The little square iPod that was small enough that you could take it with you anywhere, and you'd never notice it because it's so small? And it would hold up to 4GB of music that will play in random order? Yeah, those were the good old days, weren't they? While most of us don't have a use for an iPod Shuffle anymore, it's still a nice throwback to think about, right?

But Spigen has taken it one step further with their Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro case. That's right — this case for your AirPods Pro carries the iPod Shuffle aesthetic, and it's incredibly well done, while also providing ample protection for your AirPods Pro.

A classic throwback

Spigen Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro Case: Features

Spigen Classic Shuffle Open

Spigen Classic Shuffle Open (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

When it comes to protection, Spigen is one of those brands that I often turn to when I need cases for my iPhone, and now my AirPods Pro. And the best part is that the products they offer are pretty reasonably priced and affordable for many while providing plenty of protection, and that's still true with the Classic Shuffle case.

The Classic Shuffle case, like a lot of other AirPods Pro cases, is made from silicone, so it's soft and easy to get on (and off if you need to), but still provides plenty of protection. The bottom half of the case is effortless to get on, as you just slide the AirPods Pro charging case in there. The top half does have some adhesive on the inside (you'll need to remove the tape covering it) to make it stick to the top of your charging case. The reason that the case is in two parts is to make sure that the hinge on the charging case is uncovered and can open up fully without obstruction.

Once you have the Classic Shuffle case on, you'll be taken down memory lane with the design. The front of the case has four media playback "buttons" arranged in a circle, just like the actual iPod Shuffle, but of course, these are non-functioning, so don't think you can actually play music from this case. However, from a distance, this case is sure to catch someone's attention, because it looks just like the iPod Shuffle that it's representing.

Spigen Classic Shuffle Wireless Charging

Spigen Classic Shuffle Wireless Charging (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

In the center of the button ring is a precise cutout for the charging light of the AirPods Pro, so you can quickly see when it's charging or not. The bottom of the case has a hole for the Lightning port, and there is an opening on the back around the hinge, allowing the case to open as needed. However, it is fully compatible with wireless charging, so you don't even need to plug it in unless you want to.

While it is rare that you'll need access to the Reset button, sometimes it does happen. I have noticed that some cases cover up the reset button on the back, but the Classic Shuffle case has a grooved cover over the button, making it possible to feel where it is and you can push it down when needed (though you can easily see where it is too). Pressing the button down can take a little more effort, though, due to the silicone, but it's not too difficult. Honestly, it's just great that you can access the button without having to take the entire case off, which is the case with other brands.

On the right side of the Classic Shuffle case is a nub with a hole in the middle. This is where you can attach a carabiner, allowing you to hang and carry the case around your belt loop, purse, or anything else. The one that Spigen provides is a standard metal carabiner, and it's pretty decent quality.

Overall, the Classic Shuffle case is well built for protection and looks terrific too, especially for longtime Apple fans.

Adding a touch of fun and unique flair to AirPods Pro

Spigen Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro Case: What I Like

Spigen Classic Shuffle Back

Spigen Classic Shuffle Back (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

I've been using the Classic Shuffle on my AirPods Pro for the past few months now, and it's one of my favorite case options so far. I had a few iPods back in the day (Classic and Nano, but not the Shuffle), so having this is a nice throwback to the old iPod days. I love the design, and while the buttons on the front don't actually function, it's a fantastic tribute.

I also like the cutout in the front for the charging light, because it's a perfect fit. And the grooved cover on the back for the reset button is nice, as I've actually had to reset my AirPods Pro once or twice (it was acting wonky) and didn't have to take the whole thing off.

As someone who has a lot of cases for the AirPods Pro, I often have to change out what case to use. The Classic Shuffle case is easy enough to take off without too much effort, which I appreciate. And it doesn't leave any marks on the charging case itself.

It's a little bulky, and attracts dust

Spigen Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro Case: What I Don't Like

Spigen Classic Shuffle Closed

Spigen Classic Shuffle Closed (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

After using the case for an extended amount of time, I've noticed a few things about it that I'm not particularly fond of.

The first thing is that this case is bulky. Previously, I was using Twelve South's AirSnap Pro before this case, and I loved that one because it was slim and barely noticeable when I hung it on the belt loop of my jeans or purse. However, the Classic Shuffle case, due to the design resembling an iPod Shuffle, is much bulkier and noticeable when I have it hanging. Sometimes it definitely feels like it gets in the way, and I've also seen it open and hanging, and the only way I notice is because of the AirPods Pro prompt on my iPhone or iPad. Thankfully I haven't lost an earbud yet, but I wish that it wasn't so easy to open with this case sometimes.

Another thing is the fact that since the case is made from silicone, it is, unfortunately, a dust magnet. I try wiping away the dust whenever possible, but the dust always comes back, and it's inevitable. This is an issue with silicone in general, but I think still worth mentioning. It would have also been helpful if there was a cover for the Lightning port opening at the bottom, to prevent dust from entering.

A great little tribute to a classic

Spigen Classic Shuffle AirPods Pro Case: The Bottom Line

Despite the flaws with the Classic Shuffle case, I still enjoy using it. The thick silicone definitely keeps my AirPods Pro charging case itself safe from everyday wear and tear, and the design is rad. I especially like that Spigen put exact cutouts for the light and hinge, and even went as far as to provide quick access to the reset button when necessary.

If you're looking for an AirPods Pro case that pays homage to the defining music player of our time, then give Spigen's Classic Shuffle case a look. It's also very affordable.

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