Spotify Connect is like AirPlay, but for Spotify

AirPlay is a great way of wirelessly streaming music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and now Spotify wants a piece of that pie with the announcement of Connect. It boasts a seamless way to move between your smartphone or tablet and your home audio equipment, with the added promise of no extra battery drain and the ability to continue to make phone calls without interrupting the audio.

As with AirPlay, support for Connect will need to be present in the audio equipment for everything to play nice together. But, there's already a good selection of manufacturers on board including Denon, Bang and Olufsen, Marantz, Pioneer and many others. Since Spotify is cross-platform and boasts a huge number of subscribers around the world, there's a good chance of a wide range of compatible systems in the future.

Spotify Connect will be rolling out to premium subscribers on iOS in the coming months along with the first batch of audio equipment, with Android and desktop apps to follow. Since I get almost all of my music from Spotify these days, I'm pretty excited for this. Since it's essentially cloud streaming there's no reason to think it won't take off. How about you guys though? Or is AirPlay all you need?

Source: Spotify

Richard Devine

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