In-store pickup may be available for tonight's iPhone 6 pre-orders

Come tonight, customers who are ordering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can either have their phone of choice shipped to them or they can pick up in the store. Given the new screen sizes and resolutions, along with the new functionality and features that are coming with iOS 8, the ability to pick up, and also have your iPhone set up by an Apple associate in a store, may be a good option for new and returning iOS customers who need a little extra attention.

"Pre-order iPhone 6 and have it shipped to you for free, or pick it up in store," Apple said on its website.

As in years past, Apple will likely deplete its initial inventory of iPhone units fast, so customers who want to be the first on the block to own an iPhone should pre-order in advance.

Will you stay up late tonight or wake up early to pre-order? And will you have the iPhone shipped to the comfort of your own home or will you head to the launch day frenzy at Apple retail stores? Stores should open by 8 AM on Friday, September 19 when the iPhone becomes available.

Source: Apple via 9to5 Mac

Chuong H Nguyen