Straw adds topics to make finding interesting polls easier

Mobile polling app Straw has snagged a new update which, while rather minor, does bring a handy new feature to the table. Users are now able to designate topics for their polls, allowing others to easily search for polls under specific tags and topics.

To search for polls under specific topics, all you have to do is tap the tag button at the top of the Straw app. From there, you can select from a wide variety of things you may be interested in. If you're creating a poll and want to add a topic, you tap the topic box at the bottom of the poll creation page and select any that apply to your poll.

It's a small addition in the grand scheme of things, but topics should make it much easier for users to browse polls they're interested in. If you want to check out topics and give the latest update a go, you can grab Straw now from the App Store at the link below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster