A Swiss TV station has apparently elected to ditch its traditional TV cameras in favor of using iPhones. On-camera reports are now filmed using an iPhone 6 and a selfie stick instead of the larger camera setup. The initiative is evidently a cost-saving measure, as well as an effort to make the station more responsive, according to the station's news director.

From Le Temps (translated from French):

A partnership with Swisscom, which provides the opportunity for the iPhone 6 and technology support needed, the experience is conceived as "a quest for lightness and responsiveness, but also a track to reduce the costs of newscast, "he adds. The transaction should thus costing a few thousand Swiss francs, which is not a detail for Leman Bleu and CHF 4 million budget.

This isn't the first time such an experiment has been attempted. A Scandinavian news crew has also recently gone all-iPhone. Additionally, a U.S.-based station, tried doing the same thing in 2014, but ultimately gave up due to quality concerns.

Source: Le Temps