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1Password 6 helps you create strong passwords that are easy to type

Popular password manager 1Password has climbed to version 6, adding support for new features in iOS 9, along with a refreshed look and a way to make strong passwords that are still easy to type.

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1Password for iPhone and iPad picks up vault switching and Touch ID improvements

1Password has arrived at version 5.5 with a new and improved method of switching between vaults, improvements to the Apple Watch app, and enhancements to the unlocking process.

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1Password and the XARA WebSocket exploit

The makers of 1Password have gone into detail about how the unauthorized cross-resource attack (XARA), specifically the WebSockets exploit, affects their app

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1Password's latest update brings support for Apple Watch

1Password for iPhone and iPad has hit version 5.4 with Apple Watch support, letting you access your secure information from your wrist.

On the Apple Watch, 1Password will show you the codes, credit cards, and more that are most important to you, and you'll be able to select specific items that will appear in the watch app.

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1Password for Mac gets a big update with two-factor authentication, much more

AgileBits has announced a pretty hefty update for 1Password for Mac today, bumping it up to version 5.3 and bringing a number of new features.

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1Password apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad receive major updates

Password manager 1Password has been updated, for the Mac as well as the iPhone and iPad. The iOS update focuses on making 1Password more powerful with tools like a new login creator and one-time passwords, while 1Password for Mac receives a lot of important updates to syncing, as well as other additions.

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Best iOS 8 sharing and action extension apps for iPhone

Sharing and action extensions, both part of Apple's Extensibility feature in iOS 8, make it easier than ever to get things done on iPhone and iPad. No longer do you have to switch to an app just to upload a photo to Pinterest or save an article to Instapaper, or hunt down 1Password or Bing just to copy a password or translate a web site. Now all that functionality comes to you, where ever you are, at the tap of the Share button. And these are the best iPhone apps implementing them.

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Best Touch ID compatible apps for iPhone and iPad

When Apple first introduced Touch ID in 2013, the company initially only allowed using it for unlocking your iPhone and confirming App Store purchases. Now, thanks to iOS 8, app developers can securely take advantage of Touch ID to protect and secure purchases, notes, passwords, and other kinds of app data. These are currently our picks for best iPhone apps and best iPad apps that take advantage of Touch ID in ways that make your life easier and more secure!

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What's on Ally's Yosemite dock right now!

The Mac is still the most important device in my workflow. I depend on it each and every day to get my job done here at iMore. From article ideas to rough drafts to editing photography, my iMac and my MacBook Air are indispensable. Of course, the machine itself isn't what drives my workflow, it's the apps. I've already given you a look at what's on both my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air 2, so here's a look at my Mac dock, and the apps I use on a daily basis!

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Great apps every iPad Air 2 owner should download right now!

If you own an iPad Air 2, the first thing you'll want to do is load up on great apps that take advantage of the all new A8X processor, Touch ID sensor, updated camera, and more. While all iPad apps available in the App Store will work perfectly fine on your new iPad Air 2, there are some that stand out from the crowd by taking advantage of the new hardware in some way or another. So if you're only looking for the best iPad apps, these are the ones we think you need to download ASAP!

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