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State of the iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev-Team has posted a few words regarding Jailbreaking the 3.0 software:

Because there are so many beta releases, we couldn’t possible refine, test, and release both PwnageTool and QuickPwn for each of them. That’s why we’re waiting until the final release. You may have seen other “hijacked” versions of QuickPwn out there, but all of them are buggy, none of them work on OSX, and almost everyone who uses them reverts back to 2.2.1 (because none of the useful jailbroken apps (Qik, Cycorder, and others) work on 3.0 yet).

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Dev Team: Imitation is Flattering but Might Kill Unlock

Hackers vs. hackers. FreeHacks vs. AdHacks vs. PaidHacks. Jeremy covered the state of iPhone piracy yesterday, and while the argument over apps rages, the Jailbreak and potential unlock sitch could become just as confusing. Witness the Dev Team's Cat. Bag. Mouse. post which warns against using "unofficial" (according to the Dev Team) versions of, er, the unofficial (according to Apple) iPhone jailbreaking QuickPwn:

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iPhone Dev Team: Don't Load iPhone OS 3.0 Beta if You Want to Keep Using YellowSn0w

Anytime there's an update -- or in this case, even a new beta firmware for developers to test out months ahead of an update -- the iPhone Dev Team reminds Jailbreak users, especially those running unlocked using YellowSn0w to stop, breathe, and wait for the "all clear" before updating.

In this case, the Dev Team says:

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iPod touch 2G Untethered Jailbreak Now Available

Today is a good day to be a iPod touch 2G owner. Particularly if you have been waiting for an untethered jailbreak method to appear. The Dev Team put up a post late last night on their blog:


blockquote>The iPod Touch 2G is now another member of the “pwned for life” family. It has a fatal flaw in its bootrom that means you will always be able to pwn these devices no matter what firmware updates come along. This is the full, untethered jailbreak, something that iPod Touch 2G users have not had before today.

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iPhone OS 2.2.1 Jailbreak -- Incredibly Complicated Instructions Edition

The illustri-notorious Dev Team has blogged about Jailbreaking iPhone OS 2.2.1, released by Apple earlier this week.

Simple version: You can now Jailbreak, if you haven't already upgraded to 2.2.1 via iTunes, are using a Mac, aren't affected by the OS X 10.6 DFU-mode bug, and -- if you want to keep using yellowSn0w for unlock -- are happy to spin your own custom firmware.

Complex version: involves closing the barn door -- see here.

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iPhone Dev-Teams Latest Jailbreak Project: redsn0w for iPod touch 2G

So if you are a Twitter user, and follow the Dev Team (@iphone_dev), you may have noticed an interesting early hour post. So it begins, all of the crazy rumors on what this new code word means. Rumors and speculation all set aside, our very own Rene, had a very good idea... iPod touch 2G Jailbreak perhaps?

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iPhone 3G Unlock Updated: yellowsn0w hits 0.9.5

The iPhone Dev Team is still hard at work on their beta, pre-release version of the yellowsn0w process which runs on Jailbroken iPhone 3G's to unlock the devices from their carriers. The latest, 0.9.5 is working for some folks right now, but others are still experiencing problems including the inability to make outgoing calls (signal drops off). If you're trying and failing, be sure to give the Dev Team your feedback.

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Let the iPhone 3G Unlocking Begin! Dev Team Releases yellowsn0w Cydia Installer package

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you might not have heard all the talk about unlocking iPhone 3G. Well the time is officially here, the iPhone Dev Team has released the latest software unlock for iPhone 3G!!! It is only available on a Jailbroken iPhone 3G via the Cydia Installer and is to be used on the latest firmware with the newest baseband!

Dev Team update from their blog:

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iPhone 3G Unlock Still Pending -- Will Unlock OS 2.2/Baseband 02.28.00!

While the Dev Team still hasn't released the final iPhone 3G software Unlock, they certainly aren't taking New Year off. In addition to squashing some last minute permission errors, they have an extra-special surprise for 2009:

The soft unlock has undergone many changes in the last two days. The most significant one: the soft unlock will now be only for baseband 02.28.00 (the most recent baseband).

Jeremy is keeping an eye on all the details and will be bring us word as soon soon as the Unlock is live.

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