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Have a 12-14 year old girl interested in iOS development? Send her to App Camp this summer!

If there's a tween girl in your life who hankers to write her own iOS apps, maybe an App Camp will put her on the right path.

App Camp for Girls is a non-profit group that helps teenaged girls interested in learning how to program for iOS. The organization already holds camps in Portland and Seattle; this year it's expanding to Martinsville, NJ and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Apple's privacy push requires developers to disclose policies

Since the iCloud hacking attempts, Apple has taken a firmer stance on privacy and how it safeguards user information and data. With iOS 8, this is becoming more important as Apple is allowing third-party apps to tap into HomeKit for a centralized home automation hub, HealthKit for health and fitness tracking, Apple Pay for payments, and keyboard extensions. As such, Apple is requiring third-party developers to appropriately disclose privacy policies in the iTunes App Store when they list their apps and as required by law.

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Apple tells you why your app may be rejected in new App Store guidelines

Developers who have their apps rejected by Apple may wonder why their app was not approved for the App Store and what they can do to have Apple accept their next submission. Now, Apple is telling everyone why apps may be rejected and some common things to avoid in order to get apps approved into the App Store.

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Developer builds Flappy Bird clone in Swift with 4 hours experience

As part of its WWDC 2014 keynote address, Apple introduced Swift, their new programming language. Now one of the company's own programmers has created a clone of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird with Swift to show how easy it is to make a game with the language.

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TestFlight to enable App Store beta testing

We've got more news coming from WWDC! TestFlight, a popular means of testing iOS apps before they hit primetime in the App Store, will be rolled out as a free service to developers shortly. Developers will be able to seamlessly invite users to try out apps and rollout updates.

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Apple seeds 10.9.3 beta - come and get it, developers!

Apple on Thursday released the first beta seed of OS X 10.9.3. It's now available for download by those registered with Apple's Mac developer program. The build number for this release is 13D12.

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The life and death of the Mac hobbyist: Is it time for a new HyperCard?

A couple of years after I got my first Mac, Apple introduced a really innovative tool called HyperCard, which made it possible for you to create programs without having to know how to program. There's really nothing like it today, and I think the Mac is lesser for it. Do you remember HyperCard?

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Hey Mac developers: Download the latest Mavericks beta seed now!

Apple has released a new beta build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2. The new release, build 13C62, is ready for download from the Mac Dev Center on Apple's developer site. If you're a registered Mac developer, you can download it now.

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Steam Dev Days give game makers a chance to talk with Valve - off the record

Often times developer gatherings give the company behind the event a springboard to publicly announced their plans for the future. Take Apple's WWDC or Google I/O as an example. Valve is taking the exact opposite strategy with Steam Dev Days, a planned two-day game developer's conference that the company says is "off the record." The event takes place on January 15-16, 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

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Apple won't let you share directly to Google+, so Google's doing something about it

As it sits now, if you want to share a photo to Google+ from your iPhone, you need to take a photo with the Camera app, leave the app, and launch Google+. There really isn't any easy way to communicate with Google apps unless it's a third party developer that's went out of their way to include support. According to the Google+ Developers Blog, Google plans on changing that with a Google+ iOS SDK for developers.

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