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59% of iPhone and iPad app developers don't break even on costs

A recent survey by a marketing firm called App-Promo shows that 59% of developers don't manage to make enough money from app sales to break even on costs, and 80% don't generate enough revenue to support a standalone business. 68% earned $5000 or less from their top app, while 12% earned $50,000 or more.  Those top earners have around $30,000 set aside for a marketing budget.  64.5% of the apps created by those surveyed were paid, while 39.5% relied on advertising and 32.9% were freemium or lite versions of full apps.

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One More Thing Conference hits Melbourne, Australia on May 25–26

One More Thing is conference all about how to make brilliant iOS software and, more importantly, how to make a living doing it! Last year some of the best and the brightest of Australia's iOS developer community took the stage, including our Iterate co-host, Marc Edwards of Bjango. This year they're pulling in some international all-stars including Loren Brichter (Tweetie/ex-Twitter), Neven Mrgan (Panic), Karl von Randow (Camera+), Raphael Schaad (Flipboard), Matt Rix (Trainyard), Shaun Inman (Last Rocket) and many more.

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Making the right choices: How we designed and developed the iMore for iPhone app

Or, why building a solid iMore for iPhone app ain't like dusting crops, boy!

Han Solo's right. People release thousands of apps a week into the App Store, with varying levels of commitment and forethought to the final products. At Nickelfish, we pride ourselves on not being those kinds of people. Which is why when Rene and the Mobile Nations guys came to us and asked us to build them a great iMore app, we said yes. Obviously, as a podcast host and occasional contributor to iMore, on a personal level I'm deeply invested in making iMore and Mobile Nations look as good as possible, so there was a definite component to this project that made the stakes a little higher. It also made making choices that much more difficult. That's what it's all about though -- making the right choices at the right time, and releasing a product of which you can be proud.

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Apple is now rejecting apps that collect UDID without permission

The fine developers of Tweetbot have reported that one of their latest updates was rejected from Apple for collecting UDID information without getting user consent first.

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Apple introduces Developer ID to protect your app downloads outside the Mac App Store

Developer ID is the name Apple's giving their "trusted developer" system for deploying non Mac App Store apps to OS X.

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Apple revamps their ‘Getting Started’ guide for iOS developers

As the Apple ecosystem continues to grow, maintaining developers to support that ecosystem is important to Apple. One recent change they've made to make this point ever so clear is the revamping of their 'Getting Started' guide for iOS developers.

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Apple hiring new chip specialists in Israel for research and development

Calcalist reports that Apple is hiring a number of chip experts to fill up their new Isreali research center -- the one aimed at developing new chip configurations that could help power future iPhone and iPad devices.

The company reportedly received “several hundred resumes” for various engineering positions. Specifically, Apple is seeking hardware engineers in chip development with strong emphasis on electrical circuits, analogue and hardware testing and verification.

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iPhone 4S Photoshop template for developers and designers

Marshall Bock has posted a set of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Photoshop templates on his blog. They include:

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What developers need to know about Lodsys and similar patent threats

FOSS Patents has put together an excellent write up on what iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad developers need to know about patent litigation threats, like those Lodsys began making last week against apps like PCalc and expanded upon today, sending letters to Icon Factory among others.

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iOS developers being threatened with patent infringement over in-app purchase system [Updated]

Developer James Thomson reported on Twitter this morning that he's been threatened with patent infringement for his use of in-app purchases in PCalc Lite.

Just got hit by very worrying threat of patent infringement lawsuit for using in-app purchase in PCalc Lite. Legal docs arrived via fedex.

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