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iPhone Tech Talk World Tour Videos Now Online

Apple's iPhone Developer News brings word that videos from last year's iPhone Tech Talk World Tour are now available online for iPhone Developer Program Members.

Watch these videos to learn advanced techniques to enhance the capability, functionality, and usability of your iPhone apps. Apple’s Technology Evangelists take you deep into coding and design techniques so that you can take your apps to the next level.

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Confusing: Developers Who Complain Apple's iPhone is Closed AND Think HTML5 is the Future

TechCrunch links to noted developer Tim Bray who's taking a position as "Developer Advocate" at Google for Android but who announces it while taking a swipe at Apple's iPhone:

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iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 is Out

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch developers: get yourself over to Apple's developer center, as iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 is ready for you to download, a mere two weeks after Beta three was unleashed for your coding pleasure. As MacRumors and Engadget note, it's too early to say what magical new capabilities are to be found here - but don't let that stop you.

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Apple Cracking Down on Mass Produced, Low Functionality Apps?

TechCrunch is reporting that companies who mass produce (or provide tools and templates for the mass production of) "cookie cutter" apps are hearing that they need to add differentiation and functionality or risk Apple not allowing them into the iTunes App Store. Jason Kincaid says:

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TUAW's Erica Sadun Shares SDK Sugar with iPhone Devs

iPhone developer extraordinaire Erica Sadun has been running a great series of "iPhone Dev Sugar" posts over on TUAW:

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Game Developers Like iPhone More than Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

According to Game Developers Research, their new study shows the iPhone platform is more popular with game developers than either the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Electronista sums up:

Demand for the iPhone has surged to where about 19 percent of all game developers are writing for the iPhone and iPod touch. The figure is more than twice as high as for the DS and PSP and results in three quarters of all mobile game developers writing for Apple's handhelds.

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iPad GUI Design Recommendations, Templates, and Galleries

If you're interested in iPad design or development, the internet is already offering up resources for you, including interface recommendations, icon templates, and galleries of Apple examples. And why not? The same people who love every pixel of interface on the iPhone are finding 1024x768 reasons to pour over the iPad's beefy new canvas as well.

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Why It's Easier to Make a Great Twitter Client for iPhone than for Android

Why is it easier to make a great Twitter client for Apple's iPhone than for Google Android phones like the new Verizon DROID? After Robert Scoble wrote a typically impassioned post entitled The Droid fails AS A PRODUCT when compared to Palm Pre and iPhone, and used Twitter clients as an example, Thomas Marban of Android's premiere Twitter client, Twidroid, responded:

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Acceleroto on Developing Air Hockey for the iPhone vs. Palm Pre

Acceleroto, makers of the iPhone apps Air Hockey [$0.99 - iTunes link] and Air Hockey Free [Free - iTunes link] have written an interesting post on the differences between developing their app for the iPhone App Store vs. the Palm Pre App Catalog. Some take away:

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