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ios 7 preview

iOS 7 preview

Apple will be announcing the next-generation iPhone(s) on Tuesday, September 10, and their next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 7 won't be far behind. If the last two years are any indicator, iOS 7 could ship as soon as Wednesday, September 18. Code-named Innsbruck, iOS 7 was introduced by Apple during the WWDC 2013 keynote back on June 10. A radical visual departure from previous generations of iOS, it focuses on clarity by removing all but the most essential interface elements and shifting from buttons to tinted text, deference by getting out of the way of content and apps, and depth by building the entire experience around a physics and particle engine that moves, blurs, parallaxes, and layers in virtual 3D. It touches every app, every pixel, and likely very nearly every bit of the system. It ships this fall, and here's everything you need to know about it.

Note: This preview is based on information Apple has made publicly available, and our own analysis based on that information. In other words, no NDAs were broken during the course of this writing. It also means minor changes, cosmetic and functional, might have occurred in subsequent betas. We'll address those in a future update.

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iOS 7 preview: FaceTime audio for when you want to be heard but not seen

Apple's FaceTime is a built-in way for anyone on a recent iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac to quickly, easily make and receive video calls. It's been a boon to long distance families and relationships, traveling lovers and parents, and those who use sign language alike. Sometimes, however, you're just not dressed, styled, or simply in the mood to be seen. While there's always been a workaround to kill the FaceTime camera, with iOS 7 Apple is, at long last, making FaceTime Audio its own, proper thing.

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iOS 7 preview: App Store gets location-based popularity, goes kid-friendly

The App Store debuted with iOS 2 (iPhone OS 2), got card-based search in iOS 6. Now, in addition to a complete visual make-over in iOS 7, it's also getting in on the location game with Apps Near Me, and finally - yes, finally - adding a kids category for children of all ages.

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iOS 7 preview: Safari amps up search, tabs, sharing, reading, and more!

Safari is one of the most important apps on iOS, and so it's not surprising it gets one of the biggest redesigns in iOS 7. The gateway to the web on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Apple finally gives it a unified search bar, along with some slick new social features, a better reading list, and an all-new, all awesome new tab interface that really shows off the objectification, gamification, and general dynamism of iOS 7. Here's what Apple has to say about the new Safari features in iOS 7:

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iOS 7 preview: iCloud Keychain aims to make security more convenient

iOS 7 adds an incredibly important set of new features to Apple's Safari web browser - the ability to generate, store, and fill passwords. Sure, there have been third-party apps that have done this, and more, for years. But when the functionality is baked into the OS, even when it's only the basest level of functionality, there's a greater chance that more people will use it. And more people really need to use a password manager, and the unique passwords they enable. Yes, it's security week on Talk Mobile, so there's no better time to talk about mobile security, and passwords.

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iOS 7 preview: Big improvements for big business

iOS 7 continues Apple's tradition of consistently improving and extending Enterprise support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Previous years introduced such basic, core functionality as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and hardware encryptions.This year offers more specific additions that, never-the-less, might make a big difference to big business, both those who manage devices in IT, and who use them, in corporations and SMB alike. Today's Enterprise day on Talk Mobile 2013, so let's talk iOS 7 and Enterprise...

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iOS 7 preview: Activation lock aims to keep out the crooks

Find my iPhone - also referred to as Find my iPod or Find my iPad on those devices - has always been a great way to help you find your phone or tablet under a sofa, in another room, or even at a restaurant, coffee shop, theater, or similar public place. It's been great for lost devices. Stolen devices, not so much. Now, with iOS 7, Apple is addressing theft with what they hope is a powerful new deterrent - activation lock. With Talk Mobile 2013 security week underway, lets see how it stands up...

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iOS 7 preview: iOS in the Car hints at the future of iOS everywhere

iOS in the Car isn't arriving this year with the rest of iOS 7. It's currently scheduled to arrive in 2014 instead, and that's because it requires the support of car companies, who have to enable the ability to receive it into their in-dash display systems. Traditionally Apple hasn't done as well when they have to depend on other companies, but the potential of iOS in the Car seems to go further than just the car. Indeed, it could provide our first hints of iOS everywhere, and that's incredibly exciting for 2014, and beyond. However, Apple touts 95% of car makers already include some form of iPod/iOS device integration, so what better place to start?

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iOS 7 preview: Siri gets a new look, access to settings, more services, still no predictive results

Apple introduced Siri, their personal digital assistant, in iOS 5 as a secondary, natural language interface for the iPhone, and later iPad, and iPod touch. With iOS 7, Apple has continued to add new partner-based services, but also given Siri its first redesign. Gone is the linen and beautifully rendered sports, movie, and other widgets, and in their places is the starker, more objectified and gamified look and feel that permeates the rest of system.

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iOS 7 preview: Gestures controls, consistency, and collision

iOS 7 continues Apple's long history of gesture-based controls, some system-wide like the new swipe up from the bottom bezel to open Control Center, and some app (or multi-app) specific, like the new swipe right from the left bezel to travel back to the list views in Mail or Messages. Gesture controls can be tricky, however. If not direct they can be hard to discover, if not consistent they can be hard to habituate, and if not carefully considered they can collide and conflict with each other, both system-wide and app specific.

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