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iOS 7 preview: Photo Streams finally get truly social sharing

While technically part of the new, upcoming Photos app, the iOS 7 update to iCloud's Photo Stream is significant enough that it deserves special mention.

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iOS 7 preview: AirDrop lets you easily share your stuff, no bumping needed

With iOS 7, Apple's peer-to-peer, ad-hoc Wi-Fi file transfer protocol, AirDrop comes to the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Originally introduced on the Mac with OS X 10.7 Lion, and attached to the Finder to allow anyone to beam any file or folder to anyone else with in range, the iOS version doesn't have a user-facing filesystem to work such universal wonders with, but it does have a great-looking interface, and incredibly easy point of access thanks to Control Center and Share sheets.

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iOS 7 preview: Photos automagically filters your life into collections, moments, and more

Just like its partner, the Camera app, the iOS 7 Photos app is newly objectified, gamified, and... filter-fied?

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iOS 7 preview: Phone, FaceTime, and Messages blocking promises to put an end to annoying contacts

iOS 7 preview: Phone, FaceTime, and Messages blocking

With iOS 7, Apple is adding the ability to block people from reaching - especially disturbing or otherwise harassing - you via the phone, FaceTime, and Messages. One of the downsides of the constant connectivity we enjoy on the iPhone is constant availability, and while it's annoying when people we know expect us to respond 2/47, it's even more annoying when wrong numbers or malicious people can reach us all day, every day.

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iOS 7 preview: Lock screen gains access to notifications, controls, some confusion

The Lock screen exists in some between-space, where your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad are no longer off or asleep, but nor are they fully awake and functional yet. With iOS 7, however, Apple has greatly increased the Lock screen's functionality, mainly by giving it access to Notification Center and the new Control Center, while retaining its own notifications and fast Camera access.

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iOS 7 vs. Instagram vs. Google+ vs. Twitter: Black & White photo filter comparison

I recently previewed the new Camera app Apple will be releasing alongside iOS 7 this fall, and one of the things that stood out for me the most was not so much the inclusion of built-in photo filters - everyone seems to be adding those these days - but the subtly and restraint shown in which filters Apple chose to include. Not only aren't there any tilt-shifts, frames, borders, or vignettes, but there's nothing overly aggressive about Apple's selection in any way. How does that compare to current king of photo sharing, Instagram, and to the other big social photo sharing services, Google+ and Twitter?

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iOS 7 preview: Camera gains real-time filters, and... a square

The Camera app has gotten the same objectified and gamified makeover as the rest of iOS 7, but Apple also managed to sneak in a few new features as well. First is, um,Square mode. The second is Filters. The bigger news, however, is what was taken away, including the signature shutter animation and button treatments are gone.

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iOS 7 preview: Multitasking for every app, coalesced and just-in-time

iOS 7 finally brings multitasking to everyone on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. And by everyone, I mean every app, at practically any time. Of course, iOS has always had fantastic multitasking. From the very first demo of the very first iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007, its ability to fade music out, take a phone call, grab a picture and email it, then return to the phone call, hang up, and fade right back into the music seemed miraculous to the crash-prone competition of the time. Thanks to some system-side smarts, however, it looks like iOS 7 will make good on the multitasking promise while at the same time protect battery life and performance. If they can do it, they'll be the first to really nail multitasking on mobile.

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iOS 7 preview: Sprite Kit and UIKit dynamics promise easier games, game-like apps

I've written a lot already about how Apple is changing the interface game by making iOS 7 not only objectified but gamified. It almost feels like you play it as much as you use it. The original iPhone's interface required good enough OpenGL support that it eventually birthed a mobile gaming empire. iOS 7's physics and particle engine -- rumored to have been built by a first-class gaming engineer who's work you've likely enjoyed, a lot -- seems poised to take all of this not only to the next level, but to the next generation. The reason for that is as simple as it is spectacular -- Apple's taken a lot of the new stuff behind their physical new interface, and bundled it together for developers as Sprite Kit.

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iOS 7 preview: Notification Center gets new Today screen, predictive traffic info, and more!

Notification Center debuted in iOS 5 as way to quickly, easily see all your system and push alerts in one, unified place. Far less obtrusive than the original, modal iOS alert system, better looking if not as feature-rich as the Android or webOS notification centers that preceded it, Notification Center was a first step towards Apple better handling all the alerts all of us now get all day. With iOS 7, Apple has taken another... half step forward.

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