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LEGO Boost lets kids build their dream robot

LEGO Boost could change the way kids play.

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LEGO Jurassic World roars onto the App Store

LEGO Jurassic World is now available on iPhone and iPad, bringing the adventures from all four Jurassic Park films into the Lego world.

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Monument Valley Lego set could become a reality, with enough support

A new proposal on the Lego Ideas platform could make the puzzles of Monument Valley to your bare hands as a Lego set

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LEGO Jurassic World stomps onto the Mac

LEGO Jurassic World is now available for Mac, bringing gamers 20 levels of action and adventure as they try to collect amber to build their dinosaur collection.

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Lego Minifigures Online lets you battle across classic Lego worlds with your friends

Lego Minifigures Online is a new game that allows players to battle across classic Lego worlds with their friends as they form teams of their favorite Lego characters.

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Take the Caped Crusader to space with Batman: Beyond Gotham

Batman: Beyond Gotham, Lego's latest superhero title, takes Batman and over 100 DC characters to space to take on the sinister villain Braniac.

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Everything is awesome in the new Lego Movie Video Game for iPhone and iPad

The official Lego Movie Video Game hit the App Store today, letting iPhone and iPad owners enjoy constructable antics and get that damned song stuck in their head one more time. Players will work their way through the movie's story in a variety of platforming, action, and (of course) building sequences. You'll end up putting together all sorts of Lego sets as a bunch of different characters to keep going forward in the game.

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Lego's Fusion bridges the divide between virtual and physical gameplay

The boffins at Lego seem to understand that it is getting harder for kids to tear their eyes away from a tablet or a smartphone (Angry Birds Epic anyone?), which is why they're introducing a new series of game sets that allows you to translate real world brick building to a digital medium.

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Media picks of the week: The LEGO Movie, RoboCop, Attack on Titan and more!

Each week, the editors at iMore take a look at what's available in iTunes and pick their favorite items for your consideration. Our picks don't have to be the newest releases, just stuff that's caught our eye (or our ear) that we'd like to share. This week we have LEGO, fat beats from Mr. Scruff, great Japanese manga and more!

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Hacking the freemium model with a Lego robot while the gamer sleeps

If you’ve ever felt freemium city-building games on iOS were a little repetitive, you may want to employ a robot to your aid, like Uli Kilian has done with Lego Technic and an Arduino. He’s set up his game of Jurassic Park Builder so that 11 dinosaurs that you tap regularly for rewards are close to one another, and programmed the arm to tap each of them at their designated timer intervals. For example, one dino offers up rewards every ten minutes, and another every fifteen minutes. By putting his iPad on a series of Lego wheels which move the screen around as needed, and an arm that taps the target areas and can also hold to pan around the park, Uli can have his game collecting resources 24/7.

You know the phrase "I could do this in my sleep"? Uli actually does.

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