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Messages Tips

How to use iMessage with Siri

Go hands-free and all-in on voice control with iMessage and Siri.

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How to mute, block, and report spam on iMessage for iPhone and iPad

You don't have to put up with any iMessages you don't want to. Mute, block, or report them with ease.

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How to copy and forward iMessages on iPhone and iPad

If you get a message you want or need to share, you can copy or forward it right along!

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How to delete iMessages on iPhone and iPad

Don't want messages or their contents cluttering up your iPhone or iPad? Delete them or set them to expire!

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How to use iMessage groups on iPhone and iPad

Easily get into a group conversation, rename it, mute it, even leave it, all with iMessage!

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How to share location, contacts, and more with iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Share contacts, locations, memos and more with iMessage for iPhone and iPad.

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How to quickly send and reply with iMessage for iPhone or iPad

Quick replies let you send and respond to messages faster and more conveniently than ever.

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How to send iMessages on IPhone or iPad

iMessage lets you send text, photo, video, and sound messages — and more!

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How to send audio notes with Apple Watch

Make someone's day a little brighter by sending them an audio message using your Apple Watch.

Text messages and emoji are both great ways to communicate, but sometimes the human voice triumphs over all. Whether you want to send a birthday song or have a bunch of family members say "Hi!" to a far-away relative, here's how to quickly send an audio message with your Apple Watch.

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How to quickly save multiple pictures and videos in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Saving pictures and videos in the Messages app for iPhone and iPad doesn't have to take forever.

If someone sends you multiple photos and videos and you'd like to save them, there's no need to do it individually. Thanks to the Messages app, you can save multiple pictures or videos to the Photos app all in one go!

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