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Music Apps

Musi lets you build an entire streaming music library, completely for free

Musi for iPhone is a streaming music app that lets you build a music library that costs you literally nothing, with the help of YouTube. When you search through Musi, it's basically like searching YouTube for music. The only difference is that Musi only streams the audio portion.

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Listen for iPhone adds a fistful of gestures to your music player

Listen is a new music player for iPhone – version 2.0.1 no less, must have missed version 1.0! – that promises a unique experience to getting your tunes. The developers describe Listen as "A music player you can use without looking at," since there's zero buttons in the user interface. Everything is gesture driven. Everything.

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Rdio updated with proper support for iOS 7, finally!

Rdio already looked great on iOS 7 to begin with, except for some basic design elements such as the keyboard interface. These minor annoyances have finally been addressed in the 2.5.4 update along with a new look for profile pages, a sleep timer option, and some other visual tweaks and enhancements.

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Shazam updates with Rdio support

Shazam has been updated, adding Rdio support and other improvements. Connect Shazam with Rdio to listen to tracks on Rdio, and create a playlist out of the music you discover. Just tap Listen on Rdio to start.

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Google Play Music finally arrives on the iPhone after the longest "few weeks" in history

Google has finally released Google Play Music for iPhone, bringing their music service at long last to iOS in an official native app. The app had previously been expected to launch "a few weeks" after the D11 Conference back in May. Now, just twenty-four weeks later, it has arrived.

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djay 2 and vjay update for 64-bit Apple A7 chip, bring desktop class mixing to iPhone 5s

djay 2 and vjay, the epic music and video mixing apps by Algoriddim, have been updated to support the new 64-bit Apple A7 processor in the iPhone 5s. What does that mean for those of us less interested in silicone architecture and more interested in making great music and videos? According to Karim Morsy and Michael Simmons, it means features that simply weren't possible on mobile before. Here are the stats they shared:

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Pearl Jam's official iOS app is 'Alive'

American rock band Pearl Jam has released an app for iPhone and iPad that gives fans a mobile portal to connect with the band, as well as other fans. Called Pearl Jam Official, the app features a comprehensive timeline of past Pearl Jam concerts, as well as their current tour schedule.

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djay 2 brings even better, more visual music mixing to iPad... and iPhone!

I have no musical talent. I feel like we know each other well enough by now that I can confide this to you. I'm tone deaf and incapable of keeping a beat. So, I will not be reviewing djay 2. I can't. It's beyond me. What I can do, however, is relate how I've seen it used by those with actual talent, and how easy it was for me to use despite having none at all. And it turns out, when it comes to djay 2, that's a lot.

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Djay 2 gets teased, looks to take mixing, scratching, and partying to the next level

Algoriddim is teasing the sequel to djay, their Apple Design Award (ADA) winning music monster, and - shocker - it's called djay 2. The original djay's claim to fame was taking pro-level mixing, scratching, and partying and making it easy enough for anyone to use. I've had a chance to peak at djay 2, and it looks like they're ready to take that philosophy to next level. It's likely going to be something everyone wants to get their hands on - literally - at the club, at home, in the car, pretty much anywhere.

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Songza review: The best way yet to stream music on your iPhone

Songza for iPhone is a streaming music service that takes a different approach to discovering music than traditional apps such as Pandora. Songza comes complete with your own personal concierge. Just tell Songza what you're doing or what kind of mood you're in and you'll instantly be served with playlists curated by experts based on what you've specified.

Let's not forget that Songza also has the most beautiful and easy to use interface of any streaming service we've used thus far.

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