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Microsoft launches OneNote Class Notebook Tools on Mac

Microsoft has announced Class Notebook Tools for OneNote 2016 on OS X. The new tools aid teachers in working more efficiently with Class Notebooks on the platform.

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Microsoft OneNote picks up support for keyboard shortcut, FiftyThree's Pencil

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone and iPad has been updated, adding support for FiftyThree's Pencil stylus, along with iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts on the iPad

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Microsoft's OneNote is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has merged its OneNote apps for iPhone and iPad and is now providing a universal version of its note-taking app that works on both of Apple's main iOS products.

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OneNote updates for the iPhone and iPad improve lists, add equations viewing and more

Microsoft has updated the OneNote apps for both the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone version improves the creation and editing of lists and both the iPhone and iPad apps can now view equations, with the iPad able to edit them as well.

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Mac users can record audio directly in OneNote with the app's latest update

Microsoft has released an update to the Mac version of its OneNote notetaking app, adding in the ability for its users to record audio directly from the app, among other new additions and improvements.

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Microsoft's OneNote now lets you view and dictate notes from your Apple Watch

Microsoft has updated its note-taking app, OneNote, with support for the Apple Watch today.

With OneNote on the Apple Watch, users will be able to bring up their notes on the wearable, which should help out with keeping track of lists as you go about your day.

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OneNote for iPhone adds previews to help quickly find notes

Microsoft has released a OneNote update for iPhone users, which adds a way for its users to see thumbnail previews of their notes.

The new 2.10 version, now available in the iOS App Store, should make it faster for users to find the specific note they are looking for.

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Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS with OCR and iPad handwriting support

Microsoft has released an update for the company's OneNote app for iPhone and iPad. The release adds OCR support for images, enabling you to search for text contained within images. But should you be rocking an iPad you'll have an extra feature to take advantage of. Get the pen ready as handwriting is now supported.

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OneNote for Mac lets you find and copy text in images

Microsoft OneNote for Mac has received support for optical character recognition (OCR) in its latest update. OCR allows users to find text in images in OneNote, and comes alongside other helpful improvements, such as reducing clutter while viewing shared notebooks, and the ability to close a window without quitting the app.

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Best note apps for iPhone

What note taking app for iPhone do you use?

The iPhone comes with a built-in Notes app. It syncs with iCloud and has been slowly adding formatting options, if not features, over the years. It's still really basic, however, so if you need more from your notes, you're going to need to turn to the App Store. There you'll find a host of different note-taking apps, each with its own area of focus. Whether you need to take notes in class, in meetings, around the house, or while on the go, there's sure to be something there for you to like. Here some of the best iPhone apps available when it comes to note taking.

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