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Apple details security updates covered in iOS 5.1.1 update

Apple has released information on the security updates that were covered in the recent release of iOS 5.1.1. When it was originally released yesterday, all that we knew was that there were various bug fixes. This update actually covers some important security fixes too for Mobile Safari and WebKit based browsers in general.

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Dolphin Browser HD now available for iPad

Hot on the heels of last month’s Dolphin Browser for iPhone release, we now have Dolphin Browser HD. As is always the case with browser apps, Dolphin has to use the built-in iOS web view for rendering pages, so it has the same HTML, CSS, and JavaScript engine as Safari, but they do a good job of differentiating themselves via their interface and features.



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BlackBerry opposing Apple's WebKit trademark filing

BlackBerry maker RIM is opposing Apple's trademark filing for WebKit, the open source browser rendering engine they developer based on Linux Konquerer/KHTML. WebKit has become the most popular browser engine in Mobile, powering iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Safari, as well as BlackBerry's Torch Mobile, Google's Android, Palm's webOS, and other browsers -- as well as Apple Safari and Google Chrome on PCs. So popular, in fact, that RIM couldn't wait to advertise they'd finally joined the modern internet by getting a WebKit browser.

Could that be part of the reason for the opposition, fears that Apple would try to restrict use of the trademark? Even CrackBerry.com doesn't seem to know for sure.

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iOS 4.3.2 should fix Verizon iPad 2 connectivity issues

Boy Genius Report is claiming that the upcoming iOS 4.3.2 update should fix some of the connection woes Verizon iPad 2 users have been experiencing. The Verizon iPad 2 models seemed to be the only models affected. A dependable source has told BGR that the update should be available within the next week or so. It should also address a few WebKit vulnerabilities as well as a fix for some FaceTime issues certain users were having.

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iLife '11 rumors

Apple last updated iLife during the Phil Schiller-led Macworld 2009 keynote but since then, even as iOS, WebKit, and HTML5 have been on the rise, there's been no sign of another update. Enter Mac4ever, which is rumoring:

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: Google chose to compete against Apple

Steve Jobs doesn't see platform wars (maybe that's why they lost to Microsoft over PCs!), they just want to make the best products. Google has decided to compete with Apple. Apple took a tiny open source browser (he means KHTML/Konquerer) and made WebKit and left it open source, which is unusual for Apple. Now competitors use it too, WebKit is leading in mobile.

Nokia is still number one in smartphone, RIM number two. Apple still has Google services on iPhone and iPad. Just because they're competing with someone doesn't mean they have to be rude. (Wait, was that a zing at Adobe's ads or Google's I/O trash-talk... or both?)

Video after the break!

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WebKit2 with speed and crash-proofing -- Apple's other big announcement

Well, technically not Apple the entity, but an employee of Apple named Anders Carlsson announced WebKit 2 yesterday and for geeks it could easily have been a Jobsian "One more thing..."

This is a heads-up that we will shortly start landing patches for a new WebKit framework that we at Apple have been working on for a while. We currently call this new framework "WebKit2".

WebKit2 is designed from the ground up to support a split process model, where the web content (JavaScript, HTML, layout, etc) lives in a separate process. This model is similar to what Google Chrome offers, with the major difference being that we have built the process split model directly into the framework, allowing other clients to use it.

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WebGL and TuneKit, Not Flash, the Future for iPhone?

More than 2 years post-iPhone launch, no news on Flash ever coming to the iPhone, yet Apple is pressing ahead with technologies like H.264 video (YouTube App's been using it since day one), HTML 5 and CSS animation (iPhone Safari supported them first), HTTP Live Streaming, and now WebGL for hardware accelerated 3D-graphics, and TuneKit, the framework behind the new iTunes LP rich media content.

Read on to find out what they are, how they work, and why they might make plugins like Flash increasingly unnecessary...

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Inside iTunes LP: No DRM, Lots of WebKit

At Apple's annual special music event, this year dubbed "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" they announced a new, old-style album-centric offering called iTunes LP. The image painted was of a young Steve Jobs, grabbing his bike, riding to the music store, buying the latest Dylan on vinyl, racing home, putting it on his turn table, and then lying back and listening, while pouring over the album art, liner material, lyrics, and other extras.

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