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What you need to know

  • Snoopy is back!
  • Snoopy is back!
  • Snoopy is back!.

Apple TV+ just dropped a teaser for the upcoming kids' show "The Snoopy Show" and it looks amazing. You won't need to have been around for the original, an amazing 50 years ago, to have the hairs stand up when you watch this.

The teaser comes with the news that the show will arrive on Apple TV+ in February 2021, meaning we still have a long time to wait before we can take it in. But I know my family will be sitting down to enjoy the new show – whether my kids want to or not!

Check it out.

A spin-off of the beloved 50-year-old classic Peanuts, comes The Snoopy Show, starring our old friend Snoopy and his best bud, Woodstock. Snoopy is a dog like no other. He may seem a happy-dancin', bone-lovin', doghouse-sittin' beagle but he's much more than that. He's also Joe Cool, hippest kid in school, an awesome Surfer King and famed arm-wrestler, the Masked Marvel. When he indulges in his fantasies, he can be a World War One Flying Ace battling the Red Baron or an intrepid astronaut landing on the moon. The point is...Snoopy is a beagle with an active imagination full of comic personas. And they're all on display -- both real and fantastic -- in a brand-new animated comedy, THE SNOOPY SHOW.

Yes, please.

You'll need an Apple TV+ subscription to take "The Snoopy Show" in when it arrives next year. That'll set you back $4.99 per month with a free trial available for those who want to test the water before diving in.

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