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What you need to know

  • Ted Lasso stars Toheeb Jimoh and Cristo Fernández have been discussing their cahracters' growth during season two of the hit show.
  • Talk also turned to hopes for season three.

Spoilers ahead — maybe give this a miss if you haven't finished season two!

With hit Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso now having finished its second season, stars Toheeb Jimoh and Cristo Fernández have been talking about how their characters have grown during the year — as well as what we can hopefully expect from a third season in 2022.

Speaking with Deadline, Toheeb Jimoh discussed his character, Sam Obisanya, and the growth he has gone through during the second season.

Sam's grown so much from the first season where he's just come from Nigeria when he's missing home and not really sure about where he fits in," Toheeb tells Deadline. "Then he meets Ted [Jason Sudeikis] and he offers all this positive reinforcement which leads him to the second season and Jamie and Roy [Brett Goldstein] are gone. So from the series premiere episode to the Season 2 premiere, there was already so much growth and we see how he's matured."

But it's the second season that really sees Sam come out of his shell, thanks in part to a budding romance.

He continues, "What I loved most about this season is we get to see a different side to Sam. He's one of the most emotionally mature characters in the show which starts to reflect itself in the way he handles his romance with Rebecca—and he does it all while keeping his heart open which is one of the hardest things to do. He's brave enough not to build walls which has been something really interesting to explore this season."

As for Cristo Fernández's Dani Rojas, the actor says that while it's great to hear people recite the infamous "Futbol is life" catchphrase, the character is about more than that.

"I'm working hard to show our fans who Dani is and that he is more than a catchphrase," Fernández says in Spanish. "Don't get me wrong, it doesn't bother me at all when people tell me, 'Futbol is life.' We're all good as long as they don't say, 'Soccer is life.' I'm like, 'Come on guys, we repeat it so many times! You can't get that part wrong.' I jest, but I am proud of how this character and his joie de vivre has resonated with so many. I hope people apply Dani's look on life to anything they want to and that it helps lift spirits."

As for season three, likely to arrive in or around August 2022, Fernández has high hopes for Dani.

He continued, "I'm really proud of Season 2 and Dani's new arc as he evolves and becomes more of a three-dimensional character. That final moment in the finale where he makes the goal and he sees the dog was such a full-circle moment for him. That really represented to me how oftentimes things happen and we don't understand why until much later—it was a pivotal moment for him and for me on a personal level."

The full Deadline piece has much more on what we could see from next year's third season — big Ted Lasso fans should definitely give it a read!

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