If you've got an iPhone 12, you might well find yourself looking for a charger to go along with it. Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up a charger for the iPhone 12, or indeed any other previous device for that matter. This range of Belkin charging accessories for iPhone comes with savings of up to 50%. Check it out!

Belkin Dock

Belkin iPhone Charging Dock + Apple Watch Charging Stand - $49.99 at Amazon

This iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock is a whopping 50% off, available now for just $49.99. It comes in Black or White and can charge both an Apple Watch and an iPhone simultaneously.

$49.99 at Amazon
Wireless Charger

Belkin Wireless Charger 15W - $24.99 at Amazon

This 15W charger is perfect for charging any Qi-enabled device including iPhone 12 and previous models, as well as Samsung and other Android devices, AirPods, and more.

$24.99 at Amazon
Belkin Wireless Charger White

Belkin Wireless Charger 7.5W pad - $23.99 at Amazon

This 7.5W charging pad is great for older models of iPhone and AirPods.

$$23.99 at Amazon
Wireless Charger White

Belkin Wireless Charger 15W - $24.99 at Amazon

This time in white, this 15W charger is again great for all Qi-enabled wireless devices like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy range, Pixel, and AirPods.

$24.99 at Amazon
Dual Wireless Charger Belkin

Belkin Dual Wireless Charger - $29.99 at Amazon

For just a few bucks more, you can snag Belkin's Dual Wireless charger, capable of charging two devices at once at 10W.

Dual Wireless Charger White

Belkin Dual Wireless Charger - $29.99 at Amazon

As per the above, but this time in white.

$29.99 at Amazon
Boost Charge

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Stand 15W - $34.99 at Amazon

This nifty device will charge your phone wireless at 15W whilst standing it up so you can continue to use it. Works with any Qi-enabled device.

$34.99 at Amazon

Belkin 68w

Belkin USB-PD GaN Charger 68W - $36.99 at Amazon

This powerful brick uses Gallium Nitride, the next generation of charging technology and can charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro to 50% in just 60 minutes. It will also work to provide superfast charging to your iPhone too, and can even charge multiple devices!

$36.99 at Amazon

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