These Nintendo Switch Labo deals discount various kits to just $20

Nintendo Labo kits
Nintendo Labo kits (Image credit: iMore)

Update: It looks like the Variety Kit has now sold out at Amazon, though the other kits are still available at $19.99 for now...

The Nintendo Switch has been making waves since it was first released, lauded for being so unique compared to other gaming systems. Nintendo's Labo kits are the perfect way to expand on your system's most innovative features. Over at Amazon, you can save as much as $50 on Nintendo Labo kits with prices down to just $19.99 per kit.

These interactive model-making sets for Nintendo Switch usually sell for $40 to $70 each, so this is a great chance to save, especially if you're currently stuck at home in quarantine and need some more fun activities to keep yourself occupied. The deals are only available for a limited time, though.

Nintendo Labo Kits

Nintendo Labo Kits

The Nintendo Switch kits include various cardboard pieces that you fold and put together to create fun, study accessories for the console that come to life with your Joy-Cons. These kits go for $40 to $70 apiece when not on sale.

The kits include various cardboard pieces that you fold and put together to create fun, study accessories for your Switch. Once the accessories are pieced together, you attach a Joy-Con controller in the appropriate spot and bring them to life via what could only be described as Nintendo magic.

The Variety kit, for example, comes with five accessories to build: two RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, a House, a Motorbike, and a Piano. We named it as the best Labo kit for beginners.

The Vehicle kit provides a car, a plane, and a submarine and the Robot kit allows you to strap-on a suit and become a robot in-game. Each kit includes a game cartridge which feature a handful of games to play using your creations and certain popular Switch titles, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, offer support too. The Toy-Con 04: VR kit is also on sale at $19.99 so you can round out your collection.

No matter which Labo sets you choose, you'll also want to pick up the Labo Customization Kit which you can snag for around $10. As its name suggests, it lets you customize your Labo Toy-Cons with stickers, colorful tape, and stencil drawings.

Deals like this on Nintendo products are rare at any time of year, but with the current climate these sorts of things are selling out at many retailers or have had their prices jacked to cash in on people desperate for more things to do at home. You definitely want to make the most of this Nintendo Labo sale while you can. These dals won't last for long.

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