Thrifter is my favorite/most hated deals website around. I love it because the team at Thrifter finds the best deals on the web and tells me why they're so good. I hate it because I spend all of my monies on the deals they find. Yikes!

The Thrifter team is skipping Thanksgiving this year and hiding out in a hotel room in order to find the best deals for Black Friday. You can even watch them as the work by following their live blog (that'll really make you feel good while you eating your turkey dinner).

Starting Wednesday, Nov. 22 at about 7PM ET, the team will work 24-hours per day until Black Friday is over. They've already started the prep work by giving us tips to preparing for the big holiday rush (like making sure your shipping address is up to date and how to clear your cache for the fastest refresh).

Want to know which retails stores will be closed on Thanksgiving? The hot toys to keep an eye out for? What's being advertised already? Thrifter's got it all.

Black Friday deals have already started in some stores. Thrifter has the deets.

In summary: If you want to get the best deals, and are willing to risk emptying your bank account on all the great discount's you're going to find this Black Friday, you'd better keep it tuned to Thrifter. And, if you do check in with their live video stream every once in a while, I'm sure it will make them feel better that they've abandoned their families just to find you the best deals around (what a team!).

Black Friday Deals at Thrifter