Okay so the PalmCast called again (I'd changed my number, but that darn Synergy just yanked the new one right off of Facebook. Thanks Zuck!) and they're like:

"Hey, iPhony, we have your precious little slab in the Round Robin this week, why don't you come on and watch us torture it with multitasking?"

"Sorry," I said. "I just received the script via email while I was on this call and now I'm tapping through the web-links without having to hang up on you, what were you saying?"

"How great this Google Voice connection is."

"Really, sync'ed it over from iTunes, did you?"

"Side-loaded. Now shut it and listen -- you show up for 8pm ET/5pm PT at and Dieter, Derek, and Keith will make sure you're taken care of."

"Dieter's our editor-in-chief as well," I said. "He loves all his children equally. He swears it."

"Keep believing that, virtual keyboard boy. Gotta Sprint."

Then it hung up. Or it needed to connect to the 'net. Whatev.

But seriously, the 3rd Annual Round Robin is on. Don't miss PalmCast Live.