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TiPb Live Podcast #90 -- Game On!

Chad and Rene discuss iPad pre-orders, GDC 2010, iPhone 4.0 rumors, Google vs. Apple, Windows Phone 7 series, and all the week's news. Listen in!


Thanks to the the iPhone Blog Store for sponsoring the podcast, and to everyone who showed up for the live chat!

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Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Great show, as always. Something nice about it just being René and Chadlove.
  • Nice show - good insight on iPad stuff, general game development, and pricing models.
  • Oh dear goodness, Nexus One now available on AT&T 3G for $529. So the question now is: Nexus or iPad?
  • I think that the iPad is gonna be Huge... To sell 2 million in 2010.
    What I liked most was the iPhone OS / Andriod reference. Google has frakked up with Andriod. HTC SuperSonic? No thanks.
  • I'm interested in every subject on this podcast. Gonna listen to it tonight! (I've listened to them all but I can't wait for this one.)
  • Maybe Apple took the screen protectors out of the app store because they are going to use something like gorilla glass on the upcoming iphone? I saw that stuff during the CES coverage and it looks awesome.
  • Regarding the screen protectors, man, I really dont care about them, when I got my used iphone 2G two years ago there was a screen protector that was making the screen look bad, I removed that one right away, and since then, I have 0 scratches on my screen, its really a good screen glass which you might not find on other phones/smartphones.
  • I enjoyed the show guys.