TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #15 -- WWDC!

Last week's show -- better late than never... right?

Join Chad and Rene for the post-WWDC show. New iPhone 3.0 GM features, MobileMe updates, and... introducing the iPhone 3G S! Listen in!

Background Reading

  • TiPb WWDC 2009 Live Meta Blog
  • Apple Posts WWDC 2009 Keynote Live Stream
  • Apple Announces iPhone 3G S - Ships June 19
  • Apple Posts iPhone 3G S Guided Tour
  • iPhone 3.0 Release Date: June 17
  • 2008 iPhone 3G Now Priced to Move! $99 Starting Today!
  • iPhone 3G S — What We Didn’t Get
  • AT&T — MMS Later. Tethering… Um… Er… Bai!
  • AT&T Responds: iPhone 3.0 MMS and Tethering
  • Rogers/Fido to Sell iPhone 3G S in Canada, $199/$299 on June 19
  • iPhone 3G S — Apple Delivers Mobile Video to the Masses
  • Apple Demonstrates Voice Control for iPhone 3G S
  • iPhone 3G S - 2x Faster, but Still no 802.11n
  • MobileMe Update Coming June 17: Find my iPhone, Remote Wipe, iDisk Mobile, File Sharing, Public Folders
  • Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Gold Master to Developers


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