TiPb Presents: Phone different Podcast #36

Speculation on the 3rd Generation iPhone, plus: Just can't get enough of that tasty iPhone 3.0 Beta! Listen in!




  • iPhone: the Next Generation
    • Next Gen iPhone to Sport Entry-Level-Laptop Class CPU?
    • AT&T Leaks! New iPhone to be Announced this June?
    • Next Gen iPhone to Have Video Recording and Higher Megapixel Camera?
    • Next Gen iPhone to be an Internet Screamer? (802.11n? 3.5G HSPDA+?)
    • Apple to use OLED in Next Gen iPhone Screens?
    • iPhone 3.0: Code References iPhone Gen 3 and 4 Hardware? And iPod touch Gen 3? And iProd 0? iFPGA?
    • Imagination Details PowerVR Graphics Multi-Cores Destined for Next Gen iPhone?
    • Apple Releases HD Movie Purchases in iTunes but... Got iTunes HD? And an Old Display? — NO HD FOR YOU!
    • “iPhone HD” and the Problematic Shift to Resolution Independence?
    • When in the World is WWDC 2009?
  • iPhone 3.0: The Week After
    • Preview: iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 1 Software Walkthrough
    • iPhone OS 3.0: What it Means for Gamers
    • iPhone OS 3.0: What is Means for Business
    • TiPb Advisory: Non-Devs, Don't be too Quick to Load the Beta
  • And in Other News...
    • Apple Bluetooth Headset Discontinued... but TiPb's got you covered!
    • Carmack Cometh! Legendary id Brings Wolfenstein, Doom, More to iPhone
    • Facebook Connect comes to iPhone... and Connects iPhone to Facebook Scrabble
    • AT&T Finally Unleashes the iPhone 3G With No-Commitment Pricing
    • iPhone 3G in Canada: Rogers Wrecking 6GB Accounts, Fido Ditching iPhone 16GB?
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    Thanks to Paul, Mike, and Matt for writing and calling in!
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