6 tips for beating Fe on Nintendo Switch

The adventure game Fe, which recently launched on a few platforms including Nintendo Switch is designed for exploration and discovery, but sometimes, you just get stuck and need a little help figuring out what to do next. Here are some things I learned while playing the game. Hopefully, they'll be useful for you, too.

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Note: This guide includes spoilers to some of the game's storyline. Don't read it if you don't want to know what happens in the game.

Always make use of hiding bushes ... always!

You can hide in bushes even after a Silent One sees you, and sometimes even if it has already started to release its capture net.

If you've been spotted, don't try to run away. Just hide in the bushes. As long as the capture goop hasn't actually hit you, you can still survive. The Silent One might even run right up to your bush and shine its light on you, but it won't see you. It'll just walk back to its post. Dumb Silent Ones.

Trees are your friends in many ways

The first ability you learn in Fe is climbing. This makes it possible for you to reach the highest treetops and jump from one to the next.

The second ability you learn is gliding, which makes it possible for you to soar across the treetops, barely needing to stop. You can avoid all the dangers on the ground by gliding from one tree to the next, scoping out what you should do.

Trees on the ground aren't the only thing you can climb onto and glide across. Make sure to hop on the giant stag once you've freed it. Head to the top of one of the taller trees within its pathway, or one of the taller cliffs, and jump onto a tree on the lower back leg. You'll quickly be able to tell which trees you should climb next. They're positioned as a sort of path to the top.

Never underestimate the power of a berry

This took me some time to get used to. There are pink berries in some areas of the forest. They're not there just for looks. They are very useful for getting animals to do you favors or give up something you want.

During the Mama Bird quests, a giant animal (is it a bear?) ends up with one of the bird eggs and refuses to give it up. Instead of trying to talk to it or attack it or trick it, give it a berry. There is a berry branch at the top of the rock wall behind it. Climb to the top and grab the berry. Then, head back down and stand right in front of the animal. It'll drop the egg and grab the berry instead. Don't hang around to make friends with it, though. Grab the egg and run. Once it's finished with the berry, it'll chase after you.

During the Free the Stag quest, one of the tied up legs of the giant stag is being guarded by two Silent Ones that you just won't be able to shake. Instead of trying to outrun them, get one of the normal sized deer to help you out by enticing it with a berry. In this case, don't give it the berry or it'll just stay put. Hold on to the berry and climb up to where each Silent One is standing. The deer will follow you, and then destroy each one without blinking an eye (they hate those robotic monstrosities). The berry can be found on an outcropping just above where the deer is standing when you meet it.

The top of the tallest tree is the answer to your stag problem

Once you've freed the giant stag, it quickly becomes obvious that you're supposed to climb it. This is one of the most difficult parts of the game when it comes to timing and aiming skills. It's fairly clear what pathway you should take to get to its back, but what next?

You're only about halfway there once you've reached the stag's back. You'll have to continue up toward its neck by jumping on the trees opposite the side you came up. You'll then leap over a sort of bridge and end up toward the tail. Jump to the tree on the tail and then soar across the stag's entire back. There are two wind flowers that will help keep you in the air as you soar. You'll need to land on one of the high neck trees of the stag.

Once on the neck, continue to wind your way around it until you've reached the tallest tree, which is very close to the top of the stag's head. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Cyclops plants make things easier for you

Those jellyfish looking one-eyed plants that you can sing to? They pop off trampoline like flowers. Sometimes, it's obvious where the flowers appear, but other times, those big puffy flowers aren't directly in front of your line of sight. Take a look around before leaving the area. You might find a trampoline flower that will take you to a secret location. Don't take too long, though. The trampoline flowers disappear after a short time.

Retrace your steps

With each new ability you learn, and each new animal friend you are able to talk to, you'll be able to discover new and secret areas that you didn't have access to before. That outcropping high above the treetops with a pink crystal on it? Adult birds can fly that high. Maybe you could hitch a ride on the back of one?

Any tips?

Do you have any advice for getting though Fe? Know the best way to befriend the giant stag? Help us out in the comments with your tips.

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