Tips and How To's: Using Headphone Button

Usually I use my iPod Nano for my music needs, but it's sure nice to have music on my iPhone also. The new headphones provided with the iPhone 3G has a built-in mic and a "clicker" button to give you some modest control over your music without having to access the touchscreen on your iPhone. How does all this clicking work? Read on!

It's rare that I place much stock in the "stock" headphones that are included with my devices. Even though the headphones provided with my iPhone 3G are decent, I've graduated to a noise-cancellation type of headphone with rubber ear tips. Even so, the stock headphones and many third-party headphones are equipped with both a microphone for phone calls and a "clicker" button to control your audio. The clicker is a fantastic feature because it makes operating your iPhone or iPod Touch as simple as you want - no need to risk flying off the treadmill because you just can't stand to listen to THAT song even ONE more time!

Along with the many new updates in firmware 2.1, there was also an update for audio features, specifically concerning the "clicker." The clicker already handled triple-duty with play / pause / skip to the next song. A single click pauses your music, then a single click again will play your music. Two quick clicks will forward to the next song. Now, there is a FOURTH option. With a triple-click, you can go to a previous song. Remember, you can keep moving backward or forward through your playlist if you click in rapid succession, then pause momentarily for each clicking command to register, then proceed.

Many of you may have already been aware of this feature, but if you aren't, it's a handy thing to know. Now, if you are exercising or just don't want to have to look at your iPhone's screen to manage your music, just make a favorite playlist of everything you like. Then, you can click, double-click, and triple-click your way through your music without ever looking at your iPhone. This feature works also with third-party headphones. For example, I'm using the Maximo iMetal isolation headset (to be reviewed later), and it is also equipped with a clicker button and it works just fine. So if you haven't already, it's time to get your "click-groove" on!

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