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What you need to know

  • March 31 is World Backup Day.
  • Yes, that's a thing and you should totally do it.
  • Apple makes it super easy for you, too!

Everything has its own day nowadays but World Backup Day is one of the more valid ones. Did you know April 21 is National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day? Of course you didn't, because it's ridiculous. But backing up – that's something we should all be doing.

We've been telling anyone who will listen how important it is to back up for years and years and.... you get the idea. It's so important we've even written a whole guide about it. Go check it out right now. Even if you think your backup game is on point, who knows what you'll learn?

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Restore from Backup on iPhoneSource: iMore

Thankfully, Apple makes backing our things up super easy. Whether it's iPhones and iPads backing up to iCloud or the ease of moving to a new Apple Watch when the new hotness lands on your doorstep, there's a tool ready and waiting. Time Machine and iCloud immediately spring to mind, but there are tons of third-party backup solutions that we love, too.

So today's for everyone who backs up and everyone who wants to back up better! May your data be safe and your restorations speedy. And if you aren't backing up yet, go and do it now!