Treblab X3 Pro True Wireless Earbuds review: Expensive sound for less

Treblab X3 Pro
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Bottom Line: While Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds are not exactly cheap, they are oh-so-affordable compared to most high-level true wireless earbuds that deliver this quality of sound. Enjoy your tunes in Hi-Fi dynamic sound that brings the purity and range you usually only expect from the most expensive brands.


  • +

    Gorgeous, high-quality sound with dynamic range and excellent clarity

  • +

    Multipoint connection with several devices at once

  • +

    Full, intuitive controls on both sides

  • +

    Good microphone


  • -

    Treble is a bit dominant

  • -

    Causes ear fatigue with extended use

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I've gone through a lot of earbuds. It's kind of embarrassing how many I've lost. I've even owned three different pairs of Treblab earphones and headphones, but I'm done shopping. The Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds are the best I've ever owned.

Now, I'm sure some professional-quality earbuds with active noise cancellation from Bose or Beats by Dre deliver some terrific sound, but they will also cost you well over $200. Unless you're a music producer or a seriously serious audiophile, I really don't think it's necessary to spend that much cash when you can get such beautiful, pure sound from more affordable headphones like these from Treblab. Also, if you're anything like me and you tend to lose your earbuds, you don't want to spend hundreds every time you replace them. That's why I'm loving these high-performance X3 Pro Earbuds; they are comfortable, affordable, and they sound amazing.

Upgrades upon upgrades

Treblab X3: Features

Treblab Earbuds

Treblab Earbuds (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The Treblab X3s provide all the usual features you would expect from a good pair of truly wireless earbuds, but having owned other Treblab products, I can see that they've made a few upgrades on this model. For example, the X5 series only features 8.3 mm speakers while this X3 model brings much larger 11mm drivers; and you can hear the difference. Here we have Bluetooth 5 connectivity, IPX7 water resistance, and a cVc 8.0 microphone; all of these are upgrades to previous models.

Thanks to USB-C charging, the X3 Earbuds charge faster and last longer, now with a full 9 hours of playback at full volume. The nifty charging case adds four full charges without ever having to plug in. Compatibility with Siri and Google Assitant adds a level of convenience when you're at home, along with the surprisingly good built-in microphone.

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True Wireless EarbudsTreblab X3 Pro
TypeTrue Wireless Earbuds
Speakers11mm Hi-Fi stereo speakers
ConnectivityBluetooth 5 with Qualcomm QCC Chipset with aptX
Signal range33 ft
Water-resistanceIPX7 water resistance
CompatibilitySiri, Google Assistant
MicrophoneBuilt-in cVc 8.0 microphone for phone calls
PortsUSB Type-C
Battery2-hour charge, up to 9H of playtime + 4 additional charges with charging case
WarrantyOne-year replacement warranty

These earphones also include the usual features that I have come to enjoy from Treblab, such as a full year warranty and no-questions-asked returns for up to 30 days. I never worry when I purchase from Treblab because I know I can always send it back if need be. Finally, 33ft of signal range means you can move around the home, gym, or office comfortably without losing connection. After testing these out, I think the range is actually more than 33ft — quite possibly 40ft.

Vibrant, delicious sound

Treblab X3: What I like

Treblab Earbuds

Treblab Earbuds (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

First, let's talk about the delicious sound that comes out of these things. I'm getting clear, vibrant sound quality that is crisp even at the loudest volumes. There's a huge range of notes and volume coming out of the little earbuds, comparable only to big over-ear headphones. I really haven't heard better sound in truly wireless earbuds, not even from big expensive brands like Apple. No matter what kind of music I'm listening to, the X3s listen beautifully. Obviously, this is the most important factor in any headphone purchase, and these earbuds deliver.

In addition to sound, I enjoy the easy controls that are built-in to both earphones. I've used earbuds in the past that only included volume controls or playback functions on one earbud or the other; that is not the case with the Treblab X3s. You can perform any function on either earbud, even if you're only wearing one. On that note, they work perfectly whether you're using one or both at a time, and Bluetooth pairing is easy and flawless. I can even connect to multiple devices at once with absolutely no problem. For usability, these get an A++.

I really haven't heard better sound quality in truly wireless earbuds, not even from big expensive brands like Apple.

It also bears to mention that I was surprised by how well the built-in microphones worked in these earbuds. One complaint I've had about other wireless earbuds is that some of them come with horrible microphones, especially if you're only wearing one earphone. I tested the microphones on the X3s at different ranges and found that they work really well for phonecalls and even Zoom calls, even if I'm only wearing one earbud. This is unusual and beneficial in today's age of endless video conference calls.

All about that bass

Treblab X3: What I don't like

I'm gonna be honest. I had to reach a bit to find some cons for these earbuds; I REALLY like them. I guess the only thing that wasn't perfect for me was a bit of a soft bass compared to the super-crisp treble notes. Granted, you can't fit a subwoofer in an earbud, so it can only produce so much bass. It just seemed a tad bit unbalanced in comparison to high notes, but this was easily fixed with an equalizer.

I did get some ear fatigue with the X3s, mostly because I've been wearing them all day every day since I got them. This is somewhat expected for me; I have oddly shaped ears, so I get some ear fatigue with any in-ear headphones. All in all, not a bad list of cons compared to the many positive points I've found with the Treblab X3 Earbuds.

Bottom Line

Treblab Earbuds

Treblab Earbuds (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

If you're tired of spending hundreds on truly wireless earbuds that get lost or broken over time, give the Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds a try. You will not be disappointed with sound, functionality, or quality. You can expect beautiful, dynamic sound that keeps playing for days on end. This is an excellent buy for the price.

They're waterproof and sweatproof, so the X3s serve perfectly for both indoor and outdoor workouts. They haven't fallen out yet, no matter how intensely I exercise. On the other hand, the built-in microphone works great, so you can also count on them for taking work calls or video conferences. Not many earbuds serve so many different functions so well.

If you love a good booming bass, you may want to tweak the equalizer to get the most out of your Treblab X3s, but honestly, this was only barely noticeable for me; it may just be a case of personal preference. Overall, you won't find another pair of truly wireless earbuds at this price that performs better.

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