While AirPods Pro are the new hotness, they aren't the only wireless earbuds with noise cancellation out there. Tribit actually makes some affordable audio options, and their Flybuds Wireless Earbuds are a great option for those looking for a wireless earbud option for workouts or just in general.

Quality on a budget

Tribit FlyBuds Wireless Earbuds

Good AirPods Pro alternative

Tribit FlyBuds are a nice alternative to AirPods Pro at a reasonable price. The charging case uses USB-C, and the FlyBuds go into pairing mode automatically when you open the case. They feature touch controls so you just tap to pause/play, skip, and answer calls easily. They block out ambient noise with the passive noise cancellation, and they come with extra eartips. Battery life on a single charge is about 6 hours, and the case can store about five full charges.

Tribit makes some pretty good audio products (there are even more Black Friday deals on Tribit products too), and one of their more recent products are the FlyBuds. These wireless earbuds are pretty AirPod-like, in that they come in a charging case and have a seamless process, though it's not as integrated like AirPods with your iPhone and iPad. They charge via USB-C and they charge up quickly to provide about six hours of listening on a single full charge. The charging case can hold up to five full charges, so you get about 36 hours of listening time before having to charge it up again.

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The moment you open the FlyBuds case, the earbuds go into pairing mode. Just select them from your device's Bluetooth list to pair them up. On an iPhone, you'll be able to see their battery levels from the Battery widget.

Audio quality is pretty decent for the price, and the FlyBuds will block out most ambient background noise with the passive noise cancellation. These earbuds have a pretty secure fit in my ears with the default eartips, but they do come with extra ones in different sizes so you can find the one that works best for you. These are in-ear buds, so they shouldn't feel loose at all (like the 1st and 2nd gen AirPods for me), and they're much more secure. I did test the fit out by moving my head around, and the buds stay put.

Tribit FlyBuds also work in mono mode, which is just one earbud at a time. To do this, you just need to keep one in the case and just connect to the other one as you normally would. When you do this, it should detect that only one earbud is in use. The Mono mode also works with two different devices too, so you can use one earbud for your phone and the other with your laptop if you so desire.

The touch controls for the FlyBuds work well too. Just tap to pause/play, double tap for next track, triple tap for previous song, and tap and hold for one second to activate Siri. Answer calls with a single tap, or reject calls by touch-and-holding for two seconds.

If you are looking for affordable alternatives to Apple AirPods Pro, then the Tribit FlyBuds are worth picking up, especially at this low price.

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