tvOS 13: Everything you need to know!

Apple TV Music app
Apple TV Music app (Image credit: iMore)

Don't mess with that screen. Yes, your Apple TV might look a little bit different thanks to tvOS 13. Here's everything you need to know about the latest software update.

What's new in tvOS 13?

May 20, 2020: Apple releases tvOS 13.5

Apple has released tvOS 13.5, another minor update that offers some fixes and improvements under-the-hood for the Apple TV experience.

December 10, 2019: Apple releases tvOS 13.3

Apple has released tvOS 13.3, a fairly minor update that still includes an important improvement: you can now set the top shelf on your Apple TV's Home screen to display either Apple's Watch to Watch recommendations or your own Up Next queue.

October 28, 2019: Apple releases tvOS 13.2

Apple has released tvOS 13.2, a fairly minor update that includes bug fixes and performance improvements ahead of the release of Apple TV+ on November 1.

September 24, 2019: tvOS 13 is available for Apple TV. More minor than previous tvOS updates perhaps, the new version does bring a new Home screen, multi-user support, and more to the entertainment device.

Multi-user support

Apple TV multiple users

Multiple profiles on Apple TV (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

The most significant feature to come out of tvOS 13 is multi-user support, meaning that everyone in the home gets their own up next list and recommendations for shows and movies to watch and enjoy.

New Home Screen

Apple TV home screen on tvOS 13

Apple TV (Image credit: iMore)

With Apple TV 4K and tvOS 13, you'll get a whole new home screen design for discovery.

You'll be able to now play full-screen video previews straight from your home screen; you can easily and quickly enjoy all the latest and greatest movies, games, music, and television shows.

Apple Music

Multi-user support also allows users to get their own personalized music experience. But, the coolest new feature when it comes to tvOS and Apple Music is you can now see the lyrics to your songs that are synced perfectly in time with the music (karaoke, anyone?)

Apple Arcade

When it comes to Apple Arcade and tvOS, Apple is now extending support to two of the most popular controllers in the world — the Xbox One S controller, and the PlayStation DualShock 4. This means you can play all of your favorite Apple Arcade games with your favorite console controller effortlessly.


Screensavers captivated and awed audiences last year thanks to the stunning outer space images from NASA, but this year, Apple is going under-the-sea with help from the BBC.

Using 4K HDR footage, you'll have the option to project and display a stunning underwater landscape on your Apple TV.

Apple TV+

Apple has developed its own television streaming service to compete in the market. Apple TV+ includes dozens of original and exclusive TV shows, documentaries, and movies available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

App update descriptions

You can now find information about what's new in the latest version of any app on Apple TV. Just head to its page in the App Store and scroll down to the About section to find.

Ready to download?

You can install tvOS 13 through the update feature on Apple TV.

What do you think?

Are you excited for all the latest and greatest updates with tvOS 13? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Updated May 2020: Updated for tvOS 13.5.

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