Instagram is getting serious about security, as the company has confirmed that it has started rolling out two-factor authentication. The photo-sharing service confirmed the feature to TechCrunch, stating that it is beginning the rollout after the feature had been spotted in testing.

According to the report, the feature works in a similar fashion to two-factor authentication on other services, such as Twitter and Facebook. If someone tries to log into your account, an authentication code will be texted to a verified phone number, and that code must then be entered to log in.

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For such a personal service, it's good to see Instagram is finally working on adding an extra layer of security to the mix. Keep in mind that, since Instagram has only just confirmed the rollout, the feature may take a while to show up for everyone.

This comes just a week after multiple account support was rolled out to all Instagram users after a period of testing.

Source: TechCrunch

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