Unravel Two for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

When Unravel Two was announced at EA Play in 2018, a common question surrounding the game was, 'Is it coming to the Nintendo Switch?" Nearly a year later, it finally is. The adventures of Yarny continue with a second Yarny friend on Nintendo's console, which seems a natural home for Coldwood Interactive's whimsical platformer-puzzler adventure.

What is Unravel Two? Should you pick it up? Here's a quick overview of what this game is all about:

What is Unravel Two?

Unravel Two is the sequel to Coldwood Interactive's Unravel, a 2016 platformer-puzzler following the story of a small doll made out of yarn. Unravel Two uses most of the same mechanics and a similar visual style to tell a new story, this time bringing a second Yarny into the picture to add variety and novelty to its puzzles, as well as a new co-op mode that's the game's primary draw.

Is the first Unravel on the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the original Unravel is not out on the Nintendo Switch. Don't worry, though. You don't need to have played the first Unravel to understand or enjoy Unravel Two. The main character, Yarny, is the same, but the story is completely new and there's a major new gameplay mechanic.

How do you play Unravel Two?

Unravel Two Nintendo Switch

Unravel Two Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Electronic Arts Inc.)

In Unravel Two, you will play as two Yarnys, small humanoid creatures made entirely out of yarn. The Yarnys are attached to one another via a thread of yarn that can only stretch so far, and each can also throw out strands of yarn to anchor onto points for easier pulling and dragging, form bridges or trampolines, or swing on to reach distant platforms.

Each level is a mix of platforming and puzzle, with some slower sections requiring you to use your yarn abilities and environmental observation to determine how best to use your yarn to proceed. Other areas are more fast-paced, seeing you flee from fire or hungry chickens by swinging rapidly across branches and jumping over logs. Fortunately, there's a generous checkpoint system, so you shouldn't ever feel like you have to repeat too much of a level if there's a section you struggle with.

Can I play with a friend? Do I have to play with a friend?

The big draw to Unravel Two is that it is primarily a game intended for co-op play. It only allows couch co-op - there is no way to play online, and you must be either in TV or tabletop mode to play co-op. If you're in handheld mode with the Joy-Cons attached, only single player is available.

In co-op, each player takes control of one Yarny and must work together to solve puzzles and progress. However, don't worry if you only want to play solo. When alone, the Yarnys combine into a single Yarny with the abilities of two, and you're able to progress just as well. Some challenges may be easier or more difficult with one or two Yarnys, so even when playing co-op there may be times when it is beneficial to combine into one Yarny to move forward. You'll need to communicate with your co-op partner to make that happen.

When can I play?

Unravel Two launches on Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2019, for $19.99.

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Any questions?

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