Vector 47: Google I/O 2014 competitive analysis

Google I/O has come and gone but we'll be talking about it for a good long time still. And who better to talk about it with than Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand, two of the smartest people in the industry. Now, I've watched the I/O keynote twice, but they were both there. So, we got into everything: Android One and what it means for Google and AOSP in emerging markets. L Preview and why Google's gone back to betas. Materials and Polymer and a consistent design language across not only Android and Chrome and web, but wearable and phone and tablet and PC and TV. ART and what it means for developers. Android Extension Packs and whether or not Google can tame the GPU. Volta and battery life, and Universal Data Controls and what that means of our privacy. Then we go into the fun stuff!

Android Wear, and which watch Phil and Jerry will be wearing. Android Auto and whether it's still safe enough for drivers. Android TV and how it looks like third time's the charm for Google in the living room. And, of course, whether or not Google should separate out the consumer stuff from the big data stuff — Map Reduce, really? — in the I/O keynotes.

I had questions, they had answers, so sit back, hit play, and then tell us what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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