Virtual bulletin board Yik Yak updates to make upvoting easier than ever

Social bulletin board app Yik Yak has recently been updated to bring better notifications, a new card design, and an easier upvote feature to allow you to highlight what you like. Rather than sharing content with people you know like other social networks, Yik Yak's claim to fame is that you can connect and share with others around you without requiring you to know them or be connected to them.

The app is now updated to version 2.1.1 and is optimized for Apple's latest smartphones. Yik Yak brings the following new features:

  • Double-Tap to Upvote: It's not a trick! Telling the world what you like has never been easier.
  • Voting Button Position: Left handers rejoice! You can now move the voting buttons to the left side.
  • Voting Animations: Rocking the vote has never looked so good.
  • Unread Peek Notifications: Never miss a thing.
  • New Share Card Design: Share your favorite Yaks in style.
Chuong H Nguyen