Apple Store goes down ahead of Vision Pro pre-orders

Apple Vision Pro
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The Apple Store is down ahead of Apple Vision Pro pre-orders, which will go live at 5 am PT. 

As is the custom with major product launches, Apple has taken its store offline ahead of the big event. While and all of this information pages are still accessible to users in the U.S., clicking any buy links for products will yield a holding screen that states:

"Back in a blink. We’re getting the Apple Store ready for Apple Vision Pro.

Check back after 5:00 a.m. PT."

The outage has become an integral part of Apple's product launches. Sometimes these are quite disruptive to other shoppers, but given how early pre-orders begin, it's likely not a huge hassle this time around. 

Pre-orders begin at 5 am PT, or 8 am ET, for users in the U.S. who want to buy one. Apple has reportedly only made some 60-80,000 units, getting your hands on one is likely going to be a struggle, in spite of the $3,499 price tag.  

A new era of spatial computing — Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is the biggest product launch since the company brought out the Apple Watch. With it's eye and hand tracking, dual 4K displays, EyeSight, and spatial video, it's quite possibly the most revolutionary product the company has ever made. However, given it's price tag adoption is likely to be limited in the early stages, a trend indicated by companies such as Netflix not offering its app for Vision Pro on day one. Both YouTube and Spotify have followed suit, even though Apple has made it incredibly easy to bring apps to Vision Pro by enabling iPad apps to run on visionOS. 

Pre-ordering Vision Pro is a bit trickier than ordering Apple's latest best iPhone. You'll need to scan your face using the Apple Store app in order to get the correct inserts and light seals so that it fits your face comfortably. If you wear prescription glasses, you can get ZEISS Lens inserts for $149, or readers for $99, so have your prescription handy too. 

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