Apple Vision Pro already on eBay for $10,000 less than an hour after release

Apple Vision Pro on eBay
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Did you miss the preorder window on the Apple Store for the Apple Vision Pro? No worries, scalpers to the rescue! As spotted by Ian Zelbo on X, there are already a bunch of preordered Apple Vision Pro headsets available to preorder. Given there are still some preorders left if you go to the Apple Store, this feels... odd.

There are a range of prices for the discerning scalper on eBay — anywhere from $7,000 to a massive, frankly irresponsible $10,000. That's more than my car's worth. Maybe yours too.

Don't buy a Vision Pro on eBay

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There are a few different product listings that we've spotted on eBay — we've had a rough count of 60 so far. Some of the most ridiculous are the ones that cost the most, with ridiculous amounts of shipping to really make your purchase one for the financial Darwin awards. How about $7800, with international shipping? Or maybe you've got loads of money burning your hole in your pocket — here's one for ten grand that might make those pesky notes disappear in but a click. 

We joke, but these eBay-based scalping scams are a massive problem — particularly when there aren't many of these devices available to buy in the first place. It creates a kind of fake scarcity — just look at how long it took for PS5 stock to stabilize when it was heavily scalped.

Of course, don't give any oxygen to the scalpers, and their demand evaporates overnight. With any luck the unreasonable prices they're demanding for Vision Pro are the nail in their coffin, as buyers are unable to scrape the cash together to buy a headset that's been increased in price threefold.

If you want a Vision Pro, wait until the Apple Store has more available — or even better, find out where to preorder Apple Vision Pro and go from there. Don't give money to eBay Vision Pro sellers. Ever.

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