How to safely clean an Apple Vision Pro headset and accessories

Apple Vision Pro taken apart for cleaning.
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Keeping devices clean is never an easy task, and it's harder when they're wearable like Apple Vision Pro. That's especially true considering that many household cleaning products can be harmful to tech products. Things like alcohol, Clorox, or Windex are fine for cleaning household surfaces but should be kept far away from Apple's mixed-reality headset. 

The process is further complicated by the fact that Apple Vision Pro is made up of many individual parts which each have their own best practices for cleaning. These include the headset itself, the glass and displays, the Light Seal and Cushion, the straps, the battery and cables, and more. Plus, since Vision Pro costs $3,499 and repairs will run you more than half that figure, you'll want to take extra care in cleaning Vision Pro.  

Here's a complete guide to cleaning every part of Vision Pro and its included accessories, with official Apple guidance as to how to do it without damaging the headset.

Things to avoid when cleaning Apple Vision Pro

The packaging next to Zeiss Optical inserts beside Apple Vision Pro.

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Let's start by going over what not to do while cleaning Apple Vision Pro. First, take note of all the points of entry where water, soap, or liquid cleaners could get inside the headset. Notably, Vision Pro has massive ventilation holes at the top and bottom where air enters and exits. You'll want to make sure liquid doesn't get inside these vents while cleaning. Additionally, watch out for the speaker grills on the audio pods and the battery connector. It's always a good idea to apply any water or cleaning solution to a cloth as opposed to directly on your device, but you should especially keep liquid away from these parts of Vision Pro. 

Specifically, Apple says to not use any isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners on Vision Pro. This includes a lot of glass and lens cleaners, so check the ingredients list of your solution before using it to clean Apple Vision Pro. As an alternative, Apple recommends ZEISS' official cleaning spray, which uses water and "proprietary detergents and preservatives" in place of alcohol. 

Apple also instructs users to avoid using Windex, Clorox, or "similar products" to clean Vision Pro. When in doubt, you should turn to a dry microfiber cloth or one slightly wet with water. For more specific guidance tailored to each part of Vision Pro, keep reading. 

How to clean the cover glass and displays

Magnetically-attaching optical inserts to Apple Vision Pro.

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Vision Pro's cover glass, which shields the EyeSight display and various cameras and sensors, is almost guaranteed to get smudged often. When that happens, Apple says you should start by wiping off the glass with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. That shouldn't be too tricky, since Apple includes a Vision Pro Polishing Cloth in the box. If that fails, Apple recommends using Zeiss cleaning spray to get the microfiber cloth moist before wiping Vision Pro until dry. 

The same guidance applies to Vision Pro's inner screens, but you should make sure the headset is on a flat surface before cleaning. It might be helpful to take off the Light Seal before starting. That's because it detaches from the Vision Pro body easily, so you'll want to hold onto the Vision Pro body or Audio Straps instead.

If you use ZEISS Optical Inserts, take those off before attempting to clean them. Then, ZEISS says you should use either ZEISS lens wipes or ZEISS cleaning spray to clean the lenses. Make sure they're fully dry before re-connecting them to Vision Pro.

How to clean the cushion, bands, and cover

Apple Vision Pro with the included cover.

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Apple Vision Pro has a Light Seal Cushion, two head bands, and a fabric cover that can all be cleaned using the same method. You'll need unscented, fragrance-free dish soap to continue, and won't be able to use any sort of cleaning wipes or detergent on these Vision Pro accessories. Here's the full process for cleaning the aforementioned fabric Vision Pro accessories:

  1. Take the Apple Vision Pro cover, Light Seal Cushion, or headbands off of the main Vision Pro body. To remove a headband, pull on the orange-colored tabs
  2. Then, create a cleaning solution with five teaspoons of unscented dish soap and two cups (about 500mL) of warm water
  3. Put either the cover, cushion, or headband in the solution of warm and soapy water.
  4. Using your hands and fingers, rub the accessories clean using the soapy water. Apple says that about two minutes of hand washing should be sufficient
  5. After you're finished, rinse the accessory underwater to make sure all of the soap is washed out. Apple recommends you rinse for about 30 seconds 
  6. Finally, air dry the accessory. Remember not to use the cover, cushion, or headband with Vision Pro until they are completely dry

How to clean the Light Seal

Apple Vision Pro focused on the Light Seal.

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Cleaning the Light Seal is very similar to cleaning the other fabric accessories, but you shouldn't submerge the Light Seal. Instead, use a wet and soapy cloth to wash the Light Seal without placing it directly into the cleaning solution. Here's how:

  1. Take the Light Seal off of Apple Vision Pro by pulling it away from the headset's main body
  2. Then, create a cleaning solution with five teaspoons of unscented dish soap and two cups (about 500mL) of warm water
  3. Find a lint-free cloth to submerge in the cleaning solution
  4. Remove the cloth and drain most of the water, leaving the cloth damp and soapy
  5. Next, use the cloth to rub the Light Seal clean for about two minutes
  6. Use a new lint-free cloth, wet with fresh water, to get rid of any residual soap left on the Light Seal
  7. Finally, air dry the Light Seal. Remember not to use the Light Seal with Vision Pro until it is completely dry

How to clean the Vision Pro curtain

The inside of Apple Vision Pro, including the curtain.

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Apple Vision Pro includes a soft, black drape near the bottom of the headset to help block out excess light from your environment. This is not user-removable, but it can be cleaned carefully. You can use a lint-free cloth, a bristle brush, or tape to remove dust or debris. To get out stains, use a damp cloth. However, be sure to avoid the air vents below and the displays above the Apple Vision Pro curtain. 

How to clean the Audio Strap

The Apple Vision Pro audio strap.

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The Audio Strap is the smaller, silicone strap that connects the Apple Vision Pro body to the headband. Additionally, it houses the Vision Pro's audio pods — which are a mix between speakers and open-ear headphones. You can clean the Audio Strap as needed, but due to the electronics inside, you must be cautious. 

If possible, you should try to clean the Audio Strap with a dry, lint-free cloth. Around the speaker grills, use a dry cotton swab. If further cleaning is required, try dampening the cloth with water, taking care to avoid the speaker grills and connectors. You can use hypoallergenic soap on the cloth if necessary, but you should especially be sure to stay away from grills and connectors. 

How to clean the battery and power cable

The Apple Vision Pro tethered battery and cable.

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Apple Vision Pro's battery pack has an aluminum casing, a power cable that can be removed with a SIM-eject tool, and a USB-C port. Cleaning the exterior of the battery pack is as simple as using a damp, lint-free cloth along the aluminum case. You should avoid the power cable and the USB-C port. Additionally, disconnect the battery from wall power and from the Vision Pro before cleaning. 

If you need to clean the battery's power cable, start by disconnecting it from Vision Pro. Then, use a damp, lint-free cloth to clean the braided cable. If necessary, add soapy water to the cloth and rub it along the braided cable. When finished, use a dry cloth to clean up any moisture or soap that remains on the cable. Apple says to leave the cable overnight to air dry before using it again with your Vision Pro headset.

Don't forget about your Apple Polishing Cloth

Apple Vision Pro in the first-party travel case.

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By now, you should have been able to clean every part of your Vision Pro. But when you're finished, although it might seem silly, it may be time to clean your cleaning cloth. The included Vision Pro Polishing Cloth that came with your headset can get dirty, and dirt and debris that gets stuck on the cloth could scratch Vision Pro. That's why you'll want to clean the Vision Pro Polishing Cloth when you see it start to get dirty.

To do that, it's as simple as machine or hand washing the Vision Pro Polishing Cloth and air drying. After that, you'll have your expensive mixed-reality headset looking brand-new without any damage. 


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