This third-party app is even better than your iPhone for Spatial Video on Vision Pro

Spatial video app
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One of Apple Vision Pro's killer features is its ability to playback Spatial Video, a format that adds depth to a video recorded on your iPhone 15 Pro.

That means it can offer an experience akin to peering into a moment in time, but you can improve your experience with a third-party app that does it better.

As spotted by UploadVR, Spatialify is a 'Spatial Video Toolbox' that costs $2.99 and can convert video files into 3D video for headsets like Vision Pro or the Meta Quest 3 - and its latest feature puts it further ahead of Apple's own iPhone camera app.

Spatialify can record Spatial Video at 1080p at 60fps or 4K 30fps, which already puts it ahead of Apple's 1080p 30fps limit. And, with the latest update, it can record Spatial Video with high dynamic range (HDR), something Apple's own Spatial Video can't offer.

Apple Vision Pro.

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What next for Vision Pro?

Apple is unlikely to want to be seen lagging behind a third-party competitor, so there's a very good chance something like this could be in the works ahead of WWDC 2024.

While we don't yet know whether to expect a visionOS 1.x release or visionOS 2, we do know an Apple Pencil for the headset is reportedly being tested.

Outside of that, we've got our own wishlist for what we want to see - including improvements to Personas, the Journal app, and customizable home screens. At the time of writing, Apple has only committed to "visionOS advancements" in its press release.

We'll find out more on June 10, 2024.

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