visionOS 2 concept shows off what the future of Vision Pro could look like — notification center, home screen reorganization, and more

VisionOS 2 app reorganization
(Image credit: Parker Ortolani/Behance)

Vision Pro has only been out a couple of weeks, but users are already imagining what the platform could look like further down the line. Adding missing features and making the headset more useable is the name of the game in these wicked-looking concept images.

Created by Parker Ortolani and reported by 9to5Mac, the concept images show a VisionOS that could happen, if users get what they want. 

A glimpse of Vision Pro’s potential future

The first feature on Parker's list is app reorganization — something the Vision Pro currently doesn’t allow. That’s on the Home Screen, with those floating icons now bouncing around with a small ‘X’ button on the top corner, just like you’d find on an iPad or an iPhone. The Notification Center has also received a new look, increasing useability over the current, less helpful, and feature-rich version. There are now larger windows for different notifications, giving you more information.

Parker also wants Vision Pro to work better with the extended Apple Ecosystem, so he’s looked at greater interoperability with other Apple devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Your iPhone could unlock the moment you look at it while wearing Vision Pro, your Apple Watch improves the hand tracking of the headset, and looking at an Apple TV could switch your Vision Pro to Apple TV Plus, picking up your show or movie just where you left off.

Finally, multitasking has been considered — there’s a dock as you might find on the best Macs. One of the coolest parts of the whole thing is the idea that you could look at your hands to go straight to Spotlight Search or Control Center without having to pan around in any menus.

Making Vision Pro better

There is so much more to the concept, including iPad app improvements, as well as new uses for the physical controls to access different parts of the OS. It’s a great look at what Apple could do with its most recent innovation — although it's worth remembering that this is a concept from someone who isn’t associated with Apple. Apple’s version of visionOS 2 could look very different.

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