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I did a lot of research before I purchased a blender, and this is the one I got. This is a brand-new blender and right now it's selling for less than I paid for reconditioned! If you only plan to buy one blender in your life, this is the one. The powerful motor and laser-cut, aircraft-grade, stainless steel blades truly blend.

Top-notch blender

Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

Black Friday bargain

Get a high-end professional blender for 34% off today.

Have you ever had a smoothie with little green chunks of spinach or ice in it? Not very pleasant. That won't happen with the Vitamix. This blender is the real deal. I've owned it for several years now and my smoothies are consistently, well, smooth. I've also used it to make hummus, soup, ice cream, batters, and more. I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do. The Vitamix consistently lives up to my expectations. I've seen this blender in use in many restaurants and bars.

Variable speed control puts you in charge; dial up the power gradually for complete control. The included tamper helps you push the food towards the powerful blades for a completely even blend. If you blend long enough, the blades are fast enough to create enough friction heat to warm up your soup to steaming hot in about six minutes.

The container is designed to create a vortex for faster, smoother blending. The 64-ounce container is sized to feed a crowd. The blender practically cleans itself; just make a soap "smoothie": warm water and a drop of soap. Blend until foamy and rinse. Vitamix blenders are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio and have a seven-year warranty.

When you're tired of messing around with underpowered blenders that need to be replaced frequently, this is the one you want. If you can live without the fancy colors, you can get an amazing price on the black model today.

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