What is the Battery Life of the August Smart Lock Pro?

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What is the Battery Life of the August Smart Lock Pro?

Best answer: While the batteries in the August Smart Lock Pro are supposed to last about three months, some people have found their batteries draining more quickly.Remote protection: August Smart Lock Pro ($190 at Amazon)

The Smart Lock Pro's battery life results may vary

The batteries on the August Smart Lock Pro should last you about three months, with fluctuations based on how often you use the lock. However, several people who own the Smart Lock Pro have noticed that battery life seems to vary quite a bit.

Notably, many (but not all) complaints about the battery life on Smart Lock Pro mention that the customers encountered these problems while using the batteries provided by August with the Smart Lock Pro. It's possible that August may be including cells with less than full charge with some units.

The lock will let you know when it's running low

The August Smart Lock Pro will tell you when it's running low on battery in a couple of ways. You'll see a red flashing light on the Smart Lock Pro itself, and you'll also receive a notification from the August app. These warnings should give you enough time to replace the batteries before they run out completely.

Whenever the batteries run out, you'll want some replacements

The August Smart Lock Pro uses four standard AA batteries. Have a pack of AA batteries handy for when the batteries on the lock run low.

The wider August world

The August Smart Lock Pro is just one piece of August's larger suite of home security products. The August Connect is a Wi-Fi bridge device that lets you interact with your Smart Lock Pro remotely, allowing you to lock and unlock your door while you're away from home. If you don't need HomeKit functionality and want a less expensive lock, there's always the standard August Smart Lock, which works over Bluetooth and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if you have a Connect.

You can also integrate August's keypad into your Smart Lock setup. The keypad allows you to create multiple unique entry codes from your smartphone, which you can give to friends and guests and disable at any time. Finally, there's the Doorbell Cam Pro which, it will not surprise you to learn, is a camera that you place at your front door. It allows you to see what's going on at your front door, and it alerts you when someone rings it, displaying live video and allowing you to, if necessary, unlock your August Smart Lock to let them in without answering the door yourself.

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