What colors does the Kodak Mini Shot come in?

What colors does the Kodak Mini Shot come in?

You can get the Kodak Mini Shot in one of six colors

When it originally launched, the Kodak Mini Shot was available in three colors: yellow, black, and white. Since then, Kodak has added three more in blue, pink, and purple. These colors give you more options when picking a camera that goes with your personal style.

Just what exactly is the Kodak Mini Shot?

The Kodak Mini Shot is one of two instant cameras sold by Kodak, the other being the Printomatic. Unlike older instant cameras, the Mini Shot uses modern printing techniques to physically print photos onto photo paper, rather than using film.

The Mini Shot's printing methods set it apart from other similar cameras, including the Printomatic. While those devices use the zero-ink Zink paper for printing, the Mini Shot uses Kodak's 4Pass technology, which uses an actual ink cartridge to print onto small, 2-inch-by-3-inch sheets of photo paper. The paper and ink for the 4Pass system come together in all-in-one cartridges, so whenever you run out of paper and replace the cartridge, you're replacing the ink, as well.

In using 4Pass instead of Zink, the Mini Shot tends to end up with overall better prints than, say, the Printomatic, with more vibrant colors coming from using actual ink instead of the heat-activated dye crystals found in Zink paper. That quality comes at a cost, though, as the all-in-one cartridges of 4Pass paper and ink for the Mini Shot tend to be around 50% more expensive than packs of Zink paper with the same amount of paper.

The Mini Shot can also connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. It interacts with the Kodak Mini Shot app, which lets you send the photos you take on your Mini Shot to your iPhone. The app also lets you send photos from your iPhone to your Mini Shot so they can be printed out.

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