What colors does the Polaroid Pop come in?

What colors does the Polaroid Pop come in?

Best answer: The Polaroid Pop instant digital camera comes in six color combinations, including black, blue, white, green, pink, and yellow.Amazon: Polaroid Pop 2.0 ($200)Amazon: Zink paper ($10+)

Yes, Polaroid

The iconic company that was popular in the 20th century is back with new products to turn heads in the digital age. The 20MP Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera allows you to snap 3.5-inch by 4.25-inch pictures and print them in seconds with the familiar Polaroid border. Best of all, you don't need a printer, computer, or ink to do so. All you need is a supply of Zink paper to get started. As good as our smartphones are at taking pictures these days, you can't beat an old-school instant-print feature.

The Pop also comes in six different colors, including black, blue, white, green, pink, and yellow.

The camera also comes with a rechargeable battery, so there's no need to replace it. The camera can print up 50 photos before it needs to be recharged with the included charging cable.

The secret sauce

Zink paper is smudge-proof, and water/tear-resistant thanks to its polymer overcoat. Because it doesn't require extra cartridges or packing, it's Earth-friendly. Each sheet of Zink paper is embedded with color crystals that activate automatically every time you take a picture thanks to unique Zink Zero Ink Technology. Zink paper is available in multiple styles and quantities, just like the Pop itself, so you can coordinate depending on your style or preference.

But there's more

The Polaroid Pop 2.0 isn't just a camera that takes still pictures. It also offers 1080p/720p HD video with a built-in microphone and speaker. In doing so, you can record home movies and 15-second GIFs with a touch of a button. The device also works with the Polaroid Pop app for iOS and Android, which you can use to add borders, emojis, stickers, and more to your creations. You can share your creations digitally on Facebook and elsewhere.

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