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What you need to know

  • What if Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso was a horror show instead of a delightful comedy?
  • A new fan-created trailer gives us a glimpse of the dark side.

Apple TV+ hit Ted Laso has captured hearts and minds as a comedy full of hope. But what if it was a horror show full of dread instead? That's the question nobody was asking and, it turns out, it's the only one that should have been on everyone's lips.

That's the only logical response to this fan-created trailer that takes the lovable Nate Shelley, played by Nick Mohammed, and turns him into ... well, just watch.


Hats off to Francis Sibirini for the awesome editing work to create what now needs to be the next TV show concept to land on an Apple TV+ exec's desk!

Ted Lasso, in its current state, is already thought to be the best Apple TV+ show you'll find on the streaming service. But I'd wager that a darker, more sinister alternative universe would lift everything to a whole new level. Maybe.

In reality, what makes Ted Lasso so compelling is the way it's the very opposite of what we see on other streaming services. It's joyful and sure, it deals with important matters in its own way, but you spend your time watching the show with a grin on your face. Not enough shows do that in 2021.

But still. Who doesn't enjoy a spot of horror now and again?

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