Best answer: This instant camera only uses the Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer Cartridge MC All-in-One Paper and Color Ink Cartridge.

About the printer cartridge

The Kodak Mini 2 all-in-one cartridge is available in packs of 20, 30, and 50 sheets. The combination of ink and paper allows you to print in color and black and white with no hassle or mess. The product was designed to eliminate blur and distortion.

If you use other Kodak cameras, it's important to note that It's also compatible with the Kodak Photo Printer Mini 2, but not with the Mini 1.

A no-nonsense camera for 2019

Compatible with both iOS and Android-based devices, the Kodak Mini Shot camera features a 10-megapixel sensor that shoots and prints 2.1-by-3.4-inch credit card-sized photos. You can also use the camera to print photos from your mobile device. Just download the free Kodak app to add filters, borders, and more. Color photos print in just 50 seconds and you can print up to 20 prints between camera recharges.

You can purchase the camera in multiple colors including black, blue, Kodak yellow, pink, purple, and gray.

Our pick

Kodak Mini Shot Wireless Instant Digital Camera

Record your favorite moments

Here's a simple instant camera that you can use to record the important moments of your life, one snap at a time.

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Kodak Mini Shot Wireless Instant Digital Camera

The ink and paper you need

Each cartridge has 10 sheets of sticker paper, as well as enough ink for those sheets. When you run out, you replace the entire cartridge.

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